The Queen’s intense love of nudity and nature obsession ends in sensual Lesbian Sex Stories!

Another Lesbian Sex Stories for me this weekend. Lot’s of laws changing right now to legalize women to be topless if they choose.  With this inspiration, I went with 4 of my girlfriends to my secret spring today where we free’ed the nipple! It’s the perfect Lesbian Sex Story to share with you over some sensual Phone Sex.

My secret spring is off the beaten path.  There is a hidden trail that leads back to a beautiful natural freshwater spring.  The water is chilly so be careful with your balls!  All 4 of us immediately let our nipples breathe, leaving our clothes on a big fallen tree, quite the sight for this Lesbian Sex Story.  The water was teal, and the riverbed was sandy.  Wearing just my red lace panties, I walked upstream where the water was deeper.

I love the feeling of cool water on my warm pussy.  The water current was caressing my clit, and my bare breasts bounced with every step.  I swam for a bit, letting the cold spring pinch my nipples.  My pussy was tingling!  The girls were close behind me, commenting on my great ass.  I decided to bend over in front of them so they could get a better look.  Ashley giggled and grabbed my right cheek, then, she gave it a good spank.

The other two girls started to make-out.

Ashley and I started to get closer, her body is beautiful.  Young, soft skin, big ass, tiny waist – I pulled her closer to me and squeezed her tits against mine.  She kissed me, passionately, biting my lip a little too.  My hand began to travel down her tummy and under her soaking wet panties.  We kissed harder and faster as my middle finger rolled over her clit and into her pussy.  I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as her supple lips sucked on my left nipple – and then the right nipple.

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