Who doesn’t love surprise lesbian sex stories?

Lesbian sex stories are so hot, especially when both of the ladies involved are gorgeous! I just went to get a massage yesterday and ended up getting a whole lot more fun!

I’ve never gone for a massage before, but a really good friend of mine recommended the woman I booked, so I was really looking forward to it. She never warned me that there was a little more than just massaging muscles that went on!

When I got to the parlor, she led me to a room with a table covered with a cloth. She told me to undress and cover up with the little towel that was there.

Once I was settled, she came back in and started to oil me up. The warm oil on my back felt so good as she moved it around with her fingers. Slowly she worked her way down my back. As she got down to the lower back, she kept moving the towel.

Suddenly, I realized she was massaging my ass, oh, but now she was sliding her hand between my legs. I felt her fingers find my clit and start rubbing. She really started to work my clit. I didn’t know if I should stop her, but it felt so good, I really didn’t want to.

My pussy was so wet as she rubbed, then she slowly slid her fingers into my pussy.

I gasped in surprise, but it felt so good, I let her keep going. She fingered my pussy hard. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. She was so good with her hands!

I moaned as she fingered me. She asked if I liked it and I said I did. I told her to keep going. My pussy was so wet, suddenly I came so hard as she fingered me.

“That was a great massage!” I said, laughing.

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