Lesbian sex is something I just can’t resist — even when it requires someone “cheating.”

I’m pansexual, so I enjoy lesbian sex just as much as any other sex. My promiscuity knows no bounds, gender-wise or any other boundary whatsoever-wise. I guess I just can’t help myself!

Have you ever had sex with someone you weren’t supposed to be fucking? Sometimes it’s like the more forbidden a fuck is, the more I crave it.

My ex knew she could still make me wet with just one look — and I knew that what she’d told me even in the beginning of dating her girlfriend was still true:

“Nobody fucks me as good as you do.”

Last night I found myself at their place again. It’d been awhile since I’d visited. Work and the other “daily life” bullshit had kept the three of us busy.

I wasn’t expecting her girlfriend to go to bed before we’d even gotten halfway through the bottle of wine I’d brought.

She apologized, explaining she’d love to stay up with us but had to get up early for work. I wasn’t glad . . . but I wasn’t upset, persay.

It wasn’t long before my ex had pulled me onto the couch with her and leaned in for a kiss. Her hand grazed my nipples through my shirt, lingering on them only long enough to give them a long, pinching squeeze. She was teasing me.

I knew she was getting off on torturing me. She wanted to hear me beg, to feel how hungry I was for it.

I answered her unspoken question by guiding her hand between my legs so she could feel the hot, wet desire emanating from my cunt. She slid her fingers expertly inside my tight pants, underneath my silky panties.

Before sliding inside me she kissed my ear and whispered:

“I still remember exactly what the inside of your cunt feels like . . . and how fat and swollen your clit can get.”

She said that last bit as she started massaging my swelling clit, making it pulse and swell even more. Between moans, I managed to gasp out something about closing the door.

She grinned, pausing briefly before slipping three fingers deep inside me and saying:

“This room doesn’t have a door.”

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