Lesbian Sex Stories: I was laying there with my pussy lips spread open

Lesbian Sex Stories: This year I’m getting my girlfriend some new sex toys for Christmas. Last year she had filled my stocking with several naughty goodies.  There was one I’d seen online I really wanted to try, it was a clit sucking one you fit your clit into and it was supposed to send you to heaven pretty quickly.

I undressed and laid back as she put it on my clit. Laying there with my pussy lips spread open for her, she put it on my clit and turned it on, oh, my, God! I was just quivering with ecstasy and came very quickly. After seeing my reaction she wanted to try it as well, so she laid back and I put it on her clit and again, the same reaction. This one was a winner for sure. We stopped and French kissed and touched each other for a while between trying the new toys and bringing each other to orgasm after orgasm.

There was a double dildo in there and normally we’d have needed to lube it up, but we both had already cum several times and were dripping wet. We slid into our wet pussies easily, and began to bump and grind our pussies together. The double dildo was going in and out of both of us at the same time and our nipples were rubbing against one another as we both came at the same time. After trying out a few of the toys, we were both a bit exhausted from all the orgasms. We tried out the rest of them over the next few days, we had so much sexy fun!

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