I had no idea our dinner party would end with me getting a lesson in squirting.

“Have you learned anything about squirting yet?” she asked. (for pt. 1 of this story, see my last post here)

I told her a little bit, but it had been awhile since I’d squirted or anyone made me squirt . . . and that I wouldn’t mind a refresher course.

Her fingers were deep inside and my my cum was dripping everywhere, already leaving a huge wet puddle on the couch. She reached inside deeper.

“Feel this? This is your g-spot.”

I moaned, my hot cunt involuntarily spasming as she stroked it, her palm facing downwards and her fingers moving as if she was beckoning me closer. I was losing control.

She leaned closer, grabbing my ass and squeezing tightly as she breathed into my ear:

“You’re going to squirt. And I want you to come in my ass.”

I had forgotten how kinky she was. And I had forgotten how expertly she could navigate my cunt, which she had always described as being an “11” on a scale of 1-10, wet-ness wise.

It was true. I was definitely an 11.

She pulled me on top of her, still almost fisting me and stroking my g-spot with a rhythm that was taking me back to that sub space only she could take me to.

She slid my swollen clit and pussy lips across her, pulling me slowly and sensually until my hot, dripping cunt was poised to female ejaculate into her ass. Looking at me with unbroken eye contact, she continued to stroke inside me with that beckoning motion.

It was like she was telling me “cum here,” motioning for my squirting inside her.

“Let go, Aileen.”

Every muscle in my body tensed before I felt a strange and overwhelming sensation, almost like I was peeing . . . and one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had!

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