The Lesbian At The Sex Shop

I tend to shop at the Sex Shop a lot. I love to go and treat myself to new toys. Mmm, its even better when I get to test them out.

I was shopping for a new toy at the Sex Shop. Since I broke my last one. I break a lot of toys. I am actually really good at that. So I tend to wear them out. So I went to the sex shop. I wanted something that would last a long time and get me cumming really hard. When I walked into the store a few guys rushed over to help me. I politely told them I was just looking around. I picked out a few clit vibrators, some dildos, and of course some anal toys. Love the wide variation that the Sex Shop has!

I walked past the whips and all the fun BDSM stuff. Of course, I had to grab some stuff to add to my collection. As I went on shopping a really hot dyke came up to me. She smiled and asked me if I needed help with anything. She was super hot. So I started asking her about how some of the toys worked. Now, I already knew how they all worked. I just wanted to have her tell me. As she went on explaining them to me, I acted dumb like I was just not understanding.

Finally I said, “Maybe if you just show me!” As I gave her a wink.

She had a super shy smile but kind of nodded and pointed to the back room where all the dirty movies were played. I smiled and walked back into a room. As she followed right behind. I walked into the room and turned on the porn. Its always fun to have sex with porn on. Then she followed right after me and shit the door. I placed all my toys on the chair in the room. She walked over and picked up the first one. It was a large dildo with a vibrating rabbit for my clit.

She shoved it into me, she was smiling and enjoying every thrust. I could hear the sound of my pussy juices as she went in and out of me. After I came she picked up the next toy. This time it was an anal plug. She stuck it in my mouth first to get it nice and wet. Then she made me bend over and shoved it up to my ass. Mmm, it was so hot. It felt so good. But that was not the last of the toys.

She started to rummage through my pile of toys looking for the next thing to shove in me. As I looked over to the other side of the room there was a hole. I squinted my eyes and I could see something that looked like the tip of a cock poking through it. As I moved in closer, I realized it was a glory hole.

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