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But what drove them even crazier, was her pushing me again the wall and kissing me. I started getting goosebumps as soon as her body pushed up against me. It felt so naughty! I kissed her back of course, and I felt her fingers slip down my jeans right onto my soaking wet clit. She smirked and took my hand to lead me into the living room.

The guys gathered around for the show, completely abandoning the game. The Bengals were winning anyway.

Stacy pulled off my jeans and her tongue dove straight into my pussy. It felt so good to feel her warm tongue again. Her mouth on my pussy made me start to squirm and one of the guys had to help hold me down. This all happened so fast and caught me off guard, but I couldn’t resist soaking Stacy’s face in my pussy juices and all my cum. It felt so good to squirt all over her! All the attention of the guys was on us, and we definitely weren’t stopping anytime soon. I told them to pull out their cocks and feel free to watch because we have such a long night ahead of us!

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