Lesbian Sex With A Jehovah’s Witness.

I had a knock on my door the other day from the bloody Jehovah’s Witnesses. They come around a lot and they knock really loudly, always when I’m the middle of a call, making my dog go crazy and just generally disturbing shit. You can imagine they’re not my favorite visitors, not to mention I would probably count myself as more of a Satanist if I had to define my religious beliefs. I had no idea I was about to have hot lesbian sex.

I was ready to answer as I usually do with my dressing gown hanging open to expose my boobs with a hearty ‘Fuck Off!” when I saw the couple standing on my doorstep…

He was a tall gangly looking fellow with a shiny bald head and beady eyes behind glasses clutching a bible.

She was stunning though. Slim, blonde with a really nice curve to her ass and bust. She was wearing a button up blouse and a conservative pencil skirt, but I could tell she had a killer body underneath. The guy held out a pamphlet to me and I took it, never taking my eyes off the sexy blonde. He began to waffle on but I was mesmerized by her and stuck my hand out. “What’s your name?” I asked, staring her in the eye. “Caroline,” she said and I immediately saw the glint of naughtiness in her eye. “Well, you must come inside…” I said as I pushed the door open and motioned for them to enter.

I led them into my sitting room and they sat down on the sofa. The guy began to babble again but I sat down next to Caroline, making it obvious I wasn’t listening. I made sure my robe was slightly open, showing off my ample cleavage and I saw her notice “So how long have you been into this?” I said, and we began a polite conversation, but as we spoke I could feel the spark of chemistry between us, and I knew I had to separate my two little Jehovah friends and get this dirty eyed blonde slut all to myself!

First thing I did was ask if they would like some water with lime.

They both accepted, and I brought back 3 glasses with clear liquid and a slice of lime. His was water and our’s were Vodka. I knew this was the test, and she at first wrinkled her nose, caught my eye and gave me a wicked look but then drank up. As he droned on, she drank faster. I smiled, slammed mine and asked if she wanted another. She declined but asked if I could show her to the bathroom. I agreed and told the guy that the one downstairs didn’t work, and I would escort her to the master bath upstairs for some hot lesbian sex.

She had a bit of trouble by the top of the steps, but I held her by the ass and pushed her up. When we were on level ground, I put her arm around me and took her to my bedroom. She smiled at me and apologized that she didn’t usually drink. I said it was quite alright, and let her fall on my bed.

She told me she really had to pee, and I lifted her skirt, took down her granny panties, and with my lips on her clit said “Go ahead.”

She gasped as my tongue licked her and my fingers entered her. Her hands held me in place and she ground her pussy on me. Soon she came so hard she did pee a little, and I let some fall onto my tongue. She tasted so good.

When she caught her breath, I helped her sit up. My robe was gone, and her clothes were wet. She looked at my breasts, and I pulled her head to my nipple. Like a good baby, she began to suckle. I guided her hand to my wet pussy and put her finger inside me, before pushing her head towards my pussy. She figured out quickly what to do, and hungrily but with very little technique she ate me. I pushed her back to look at her and straddled her pussy with mine, pressing them together tightly while I screwed my hips back and forth. She got into it too and we scissored, bucking against each other.

Her cunt felt so soft against my clit and clam lips, and I felt her wetness increase and mingle with mine.

We played with each other for a while and I let her get lost in my pussy, devouring my wet snatch and letting me show her how to do it when I heard her friend knocking on the bathroom door asking if we were OK.

She threw her clothes on and I grabbed my robe and we tried to fix each up as quickly as possible. I threw open the door and he explained she had spilled something on her clothes and we were cleaning up. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously but seemed to accept my weak excuse.

I turned and looked at my watch, “I have an appointment I have to get to, so lovely chatting with you!” I breezed and led them back down towards the front door. Caroline looked at me shyly as she walked out of the door, and when her friend was out of earshot I whispered in her ear “Come back and play sometime…” and pressed one of my cards into her hand. She shot me a wild, excited look and a naughty smile and shoved the card into her purse.

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