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The first black girl I ever fucked was like the epitome of ebony goddess.  Her skin was smooth and the color of dark chocolate.  Her curves blew my mind and made my pussy drip.  Watching her ass bounce as she walked, her hips swaying from side to side, I couldn’t stop thinking about how she must taste.  I found myself daydreaming about her naked.  Then I imagined how her big tits and dark nipples would look next to my pink tongue.   I’d touch myself thinking about how pink her sweet pussy would look spread wide open.  I instantly became infatuated and had to make my move.

Much to my luck and surprise, she was bi-sexual as well.

 She had noticed me just as much as I had noticed her and our attraction came easily.  I remember the first time we kissed and I ran my hands up and down her dangerous curves.  My hard pink nipples rubbing against her dark tits turned me on so much.  He pussy was exactly how I had imagined too.  As I got between her legs, separating her pussy lips with my fingers, her juices were flowing out of her pink hole.  I loved watching her slender, dark fingers penetrate my pussy as I devoured her.  I had never been so turned on in my life!

After that encounter, I needed more.  We remained fuck buddies for quite some time and we loved to show off for our males friends.  Having a sexy white girl and beautiful black goddess was the perfect lesbian Phone Sex fantasy for not only us, but our friends as well.