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Lesbian sex cuckold story. Picture it, Daytona Beach Florida 2019. I decided to take a vacation with my friend with benefits, Shawn. He graduated from college in Florida and he suggested that we drive down there and hang out a few days with his college friends and drive back up. How could anyone turn down a free vacation, especially with a hot sexy man with a BBC? Trust me I wasn’t going to turn it down.

Shawn and I have wild kinky sex all the time.

We both very sexual people and neither one of us can find just one person to keep up with our sexual needs. Why aren’t we together you ask? Well, the simple fact is that Shawn is married. It is all good though, we are both happy with our current arrangement.

Being the side chick it is my job to satisfy him in ways that his wife won’t.

We have talked so much about all of our sexual needs, wants, and fantasies. We both know what we want and what our limits are. to be honest neither one of us have no limits that we can think of at this time. On the drive to Florida, we talked a lot more about our fantasies. He has a few fantasies that he has not yet found anyone to fulfill. Until now! I am going to make this happen for him on vacation. The simple one is sex on the beach. Done. We fulfilled that one right when we got down there. I didn’t even make him wait to check in at the hotel room.

We stopped and fucked at the beach on the way there.

His other fantasy was a lesbian sex cuckold. This was going to take some planning. On day 2 we hung out with some of his friends, I met a girl, Candice, that Shawn fell in love with while in college. We bonded quickly so I told her about Shawn’s lesbian sex cuckold fantasy.

She agreed to help me fulfill his fantasy.

Day 3 he and his college buddies were going to attend the football game so Candice and I began our plan. Operation lesbian sex cuckold has begun. Shawn arrived back at the hotel room a little after midnight and I was lying on the bed in black lace lingerie rubbing my clit with my silver bullet. My pussy was so wet and couldn’t wait for some real attention. Shawn began to get undressed and as he did I grabbed the handcuffs out of my suitcase. “Hot Damn!!!” he said. “Get in the chair now!” I ordered. He did and I secured his hands and feet so he could not move. I got back on the bed and grabbed my phone, took a picture of him and sent it to Candice, that was her cue to come into the room.

I grabbed my silver bullet and continued to play with my pussy.

She slowly opens the door and walked in. Shawn was so excited but also tied up so he could not touch his already throbbing cock. Candice was wearing the same black lace lingerie that I was. She walked up to the bed and grabbed the silver bullet from me, “You won’t need this anymore” she said.

Taking her fingers she spread my pussy lips and began to lick my clit.

I’m not sure who was moaning louder, me or Shawn. I am sure that we were both really enjoying this moment. Candice made me her pillow princess and Shawn and I were both ok with this. Lesbian sex cuckold went to the next level as she stepped into her strap on. She laid back and I began to suck her huge cock.

Up and down I sucked, taking every inch of it in my mouth.

When that cock was nice and wet I climbed on top of her and rode her. Bouncing up and down on that cock faster and faster, leaning forward I let my big tits jiggle in her face. She grabbed them and sucked on them. When she nibbled on my nipple I felt a surge of pleasure shoot throughout my body. I pulled myself down on her taking that cock deep inside of me grinding my hips in circles as my cum forced its way out of me covering Candice.

Shawn was so hard from the lesbian sex cuckold.

His cock was rock hard. Now its time for us to take care of him. Maybe we will check the golden shower sex act off of our bucket list next. If you have a fantasy or fetish that you think is so off that wall that you can’t tell anyone about, you are wrong. Call me for a judgment-free fetish phone sex call.

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