Lesbian sex stories…who doesn’t love them? Two hot girls kissing, fucking, and pleasuring each other! It’s pretty much the best! Let me tell you about one of my favorite

lesbian encounters. I’d met this girl, lets call her Brittany, through a mutual friend. Brittany was young, blonde, tan, and had the tightest body. As a red head, I’ve always found myself the most attracted to the blondes. So damn yummy!

Anyway, back to my story! After meeting for the first time, we became really close friends. She came over to spend the night one evening and things started to get crazy. We’d just barely turned 17. Brittany was telling me about this new guy she liked and how shitty the sex was. He didn’t know how to use his cock properly. She then confessed that she’d never had and orgasm before.

I sat up on my elbows and told her that was going to change tonight. The shock on her face was priceless. She tried to tell me she wasn’t into girls and didn’t want to do anything. I slowly ran my hands up her stomach, stopping at her breasts, and then lowering my mouth to hers. Although that kiss sure said something completely different. After positioning myself on top of her, I started to move down to her pussy.

Spreading her legs I let my tongue run across her inner thighs. Her hand shot to my hair as she pulled me towards her cunt. I got her shorts out of the way, and spread her soaking wet lips. She smelt amazing; so sweet and edible.

I started licking her lips just to get her used to the feeling. I didn’t want to surprise her with anything. Once I had her and the sheets dripping wet, I suctioned my lips around her swollen clit! I started to suck until she was nearly screaming with pleasure. Right before she came, I shoved two fingers inside of her tight box and started to finger fuck her.

Her very first orgasm was all mine! I’d made her drip and scream for the first time, and damn was it yummy! From that night on, our sleepovers always had a little extra lesbian lovin’ going on!


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