Pronounced Guilty

From the moment the gavel slammed down, my fate was sealed. I was hauled out of the courtroom in handcuffs and pushed into the back of the state penitentiary van. My body was shaking from head to toe as I imagined my new life only 30 minutes away. The guard had made this journey so many times with women just like me. He looked like he enjoyed the sight of my fearfulness. He laughed at me as I placed my face in my hands and began to cry. Then he lit his cigarette, took a deep drag, and jokingly muttered, “I hope you have a lesbian prison fantasy. Because from the looks of it, you’re going to be someone’s bitch the moment I drop you off.”

This made me cry even harder. I had never been with a woman before and certainly did not want to become someone’s bitch. A lesbian prison fantasy was near the top of my list of fears along with being stabbed or starved. I never thought that I would be where I am now. All I could do at this point was accept it. When the van stopped, I quickly dried my tears and toughened up for my not so warm welcome home arrival.

My First Day in Prison

As the doors clanked shut behind me, I felt my freedom rip away. The admission into prison is terrifying by itself. I was strip-searched, hosed down, and handed white panties, a white bra, and grey sweats to top it off. I carried my bag of prison essentials and followed the guard to my cell block. What the driver had said in the van was on repeat in my mind. Was I about to become someone’s bitch? Did I need to dive into my lesbian prison fantasy to survive?

When the cellblock opened, I was pointed in the direction of my room. I kept my eyes on the floor in front of me to avoid eye contact with the intimidating women around me. As I entered my room, I saw a bunk bed with the top bunk already belonging to someone else. I laid my stuff down, made my bed, and sat quietly as I tried to keep my emotions from showing. Just then a slim-thick redhead with bright green eyes walked in and introduced herself. Her name was Molly and she has been in this prison for about three years already. She noticed how shy and scared I was and decided to welcome me into her block.

Meeting Molly

It was starting off better than I had imagined it would. Molly gained my trust quickly, but not all of it of course. Molly is the top dog. Nothing happens in this block without Molly knowing about it, so I knew that if I wanted to stay safe, I needed to stay on her good side. I followed her out of my cell as she introduced me to some of the girls she keeps close. As she was showing me around, I met my bunk-mate. My bunk-mate was a chunkier girl, Latina, with long brown hair and glasses. She seemed to be quiet like me, so hopefully, our living arrangement would be peaceful.

My First Night

Night came and I was still a little on edge but feeling more relieved after meeting some of the women I would be living with. I held my blankets close as the guards shut off the lights and the block went silent. It’s always hard for me to sleep in new places, so I laid there awake until I heard the quiet footsteps of someone walking. The shoes were soft, like the sandals they gave us in admissions. Definitely not heavy enough to be a guard. I thought to myself that this was going to be my “jump in” welcome from one of my new housemates. As the shadow turned the corner, I noticed that it was none other than Molly herself.

She crept in and stopped at the foot of my bed when she could see that my eyes were open. This is what the driver meant when he said that I had better have a lesbian prison fantasy. The first night, I was going to become Molly’s new bitch. Then she patted my leg and had me move to the side of my bed. Molly slid her way in and curled her body up to mine. I laid stiff as she brushed the hair out of my face and whispered softly, “The first night is always the hardest, I thought I would lay here with you until you fall asleep. Would that make you feel better?”

Dangerously Sweet

I let her wrap her arms around me and felt her move in closer. She did bring me a special kind of comfort as she held me close and made me feel safe. I have never had this kind of intimacy with another woman before. It was soft and inviting. Then her hands started to rub up and down my arms, eventually leading to my thighs. I accidentally let out a small moan because it all just felt so good. Her little giggle echoed in my ear and I knew that I wanted her right then. I was curious and very turned on. Molly would make the perfect distraction during my time in prison.

Then, I shifted my body to where I was now facing Molly. Our noses were an inch away as we smiled and gazed into each other’s eyes. She was beautiful. I knew that this was dangerous since she was the pod boss, but I couldn’t help myself. Then, I leaned in and kissed her soft pink lips with my own. She kissed me back deeply and passionately. Part of me wondered if this was her way of owning me but the other part didn’t care. I pulled her in close as we kissed some more.

The Ultimate Lesbian Prison Fantasy

Molly started to pull at the drawstring of my sweatpants. Loosening them just enough, she worked for her hand inside and her fingers made their way into my white prison panties. I moaned against her lips as she rubbed my clit between her first two fingers. Then I pulled up her shirt, revealing her full breasts, and started to kiss on them. Her fingers pushed inside of me as our bodies began to grind passionately against each other. With her pod boss mentality, she took control of me and climbed on top. She has obviously lived out the lesbian prison fantasy before.

Her kisses trailed down from my lips to my neck as her fingers pumped in and out of my pussy. She had me pull off my shirt, then she started to kiss and suck on my nipples like I did hers. Molly made her way down my stomach and I was arching my back with every sweet spot she hit. Finally, my sweat pants and panties were at the bottom of my bed. My bunkmate crossed my mind for a brief second but this all felt too good to stop. Then, Molly took her tongue and licked from her fingers to my clit.

Pussy Licking Orgasm

My body tingled everywhere as Molly began sucking my clit and pumping inside of my pussy harder. I was getting very close and she knew it! Looking up at me with her bright green eyes, she gave me the confirmation I needed to release. My legs were shaking as my thighs gripped Molly’s cheeks and I came all over her fingers. I guess if I were to have a lesbian prison fantasy, it couldn’t be any better than this. Now all I need to do is learn how to eat pussy so I can return the favor to Molly tomorrow night.

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