Two Hot Teens Engage In Lesbian Play

Monica wasn’t just my best friend she was also my first to engage in lesbian play. We were having a little late night sleep over watching chick flicks full of hot guys. My urges kicked in and even though she was in the bed lying next to me I indulged in masturbation. I wasn’t quiet enough because when she woke up and caught me she removed my hand and it replaced it with hers. When I asked her what she was doing she responded with “You’ve never done this before have you?” I said no but it was an honest answer. Her fingers gently went inside me but the deeper in she went the more wet I got. It felt too good for me to stop her I felt I had lost control over my own actions.

Her warm tongue slides inside

She lowered down between my legs and warm tongue wiggled against my pussy. I tried to muffle my moans into the pillow but it really didn’t help much. She pulled out her pink dildo that she stole from her mother. As she put the dildo against my lips she said “You got to get it wet first.” The dildo was shoved into my mouth when I opened up wide. After I got it wet she turned it on and the vibrations hummed loud but it really didn’t prepare me for how good those vibrations would feel. She gently pushed it inside me but it was too much for me to handle. Her daddy walked in as I let out one loud moan. He caught us engaging in lesbian play.

Caught in action

The two of us actually had him turned on. “Do you wanna play with daddy too?” She asked me. I was afraid to answer not knowing what the right answer should be he was hot but he was her daddy. She confessed she was a daddy’s girl that engaged into incest acts with her father. He approached us while undressing and I watched as she crawled over to her daddy. Her mouth opened and wrapped around his cock. When she looked back at me she asked if I was going to join them. I never though I would having a threesome with my best friend and her daddy! It’s really one long teen sexy story that will make you cream yourself.

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Kinky Kelsey