Lesbian Massage:” I didn’t know she was going to do that…”

I answered her ad t said she was a masseuse and she can work miracles with women. I had been super stressed out lately and I thought a massage would be the perfect thing to relax my mind and calm my nerves. Her ad was on the site with tons of other masseuses but she looked the most qualified. I called and set up an appointment and within the hour she was in my apartment. She was dressed in a sheer shirt where you can just see the impression of her bra and a pair of fitted jeans. She was curvaceous and her hands were slender. I watched her set up her massage table. “Get naked and lie down on the table.” I stood up nervously and removed my clothes. Little did I know I was in for an amazing lesbian massage.

I lied faced down on the table.

She began to hover over my body. She lightly sprinkled fragrant oil on her hand and began to slowly rub my shoulders. Her warm hands felt amazing on my body. I could feel myself slowly relax. She began to move her hand m lower and lower on my body. Finally, her hands reached the top my ass and she began to knead her hands gently into my flesh. I could feel my pussy get wetter and wetter, the firmer her touch became. She decided to go lower and minutes later I felt her slender hand on top of my clit.

I couldn’t believe she just found herself playing with my pussy. She rubbed my clit gently at first. Then she grabbed it firmly sliding her fingers inside me. She began slowly moving in and out of my pussy. I couldn’t take it.  Seconds later my cunt spasmed and I gushed all over her hands.

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