Lesbian Love

Lesbian Love Valentine Present Gives Roxy’s A Hump Day Treat Too. There’s nothing sweeter than another girls lips and tongue teasing your body. Eyes closed and mouth open ready to receive each other. Doesn’t that image completely turn you on? Don’t try and pretend it doesn’t. My panties are wet right now just thinking about her. As I write this, she’s sleeping so peacefully next to me. She was the perfect taboo Valentine’s present I’ve ever received.

This was the first Valentine’s Day I’ve had to spend by myself. But instead of sitting at home pouting about it, my little black book came into play. Thumbing through pages of names nothing seemed to excite me. But when I came across her’s I stopped. A familiar tingle overcame my body as I traced the name with my finger.  I wanted something different, something daring, something exotic for my Valentine’s Day. Picking up the phone and dialed her number.

Because I hadn’t talked with Destiny in awhile, butterflies were going crazy in my stomach. The sexy voice on the other end made me close my eyes and day dream for a moment. Imagining her stretched out in bed with me, our breasts touching and our fingers plunged in each other. Having to come back to reality for a second I invited her over to be my dinner date for the night. Lucky for me, she was all alone too and sounded excited to stop by.

Wouldn’t you have loved to be in my back room watching everything unfold on camera? And when the time was right sneak out and watch us from the doorway, stroking your cock till you came! Of course, you would!

Tease Me

Knowing Destiny loves a shaved pussy to lick, I made sure mine was perfect. Dinner was great, but it was the dessert that I was craving. Tequila shots in and both of us feeling crazy, I made the first move. Grabbing the back of her head I pulled her in for that first kiss. She responded, and her tongue slipped into my mouth. She purred like a kitten and moved her body toward mine. It was the perfect foreplay! Kissing and heavy petting, leading up to the perfect moment of stripping each other down.

We didn’t even leave the living room! She initiated the lesbian love by unbuttoning my blouse and tipping my nipples over the top of my bra. Feeling her mouth close over my hard nipple made me moan out loud.  And before I knew it, we were both naked laying on top of the white rug in the middle of my living room floor. Her body like a perfect piece of art that I couldn’t stop admiring or touching. And knowing she thought I was just as sexy made me smile.

She took charge and spread my legs roughly. Smiling and laughing as she opened her mouth and dived into my honey pot. You could tell she’d done this before because it felt so good I couldn’t control my first orgasm only a few minutes in. She didn’t want to stop eating me, but I wanted some pink pussy for dessert too. Making her spin around and sit on my face I had what I wanted. Feeling her fingers slide in and out of my pussy and her mouth sucking on my clit had me on the edge of squirting.  But it wasn’t until she pushed her other finger into my ass that I lost all control.

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

Her dirty talk while finger fucking my holes was so hot that I had to break the suction I had on her pussy to take a breath.  She peered over her shoulder for a moment and smiled at me and then wiggled her ass. I knew what she wanted and I was going to give it to her. I pushed her off of me as I spanked her sweet bottom. Walking over to bookcase I opened a drawer and took out my strap on that was hidden inside.

When I turned around she was playing with her pussy fervently waiting for me to fuck her. This strap on is special because not only does it have a part for her, but one for me as well. I had her sit on top of my legs that way the harder she bounced the better my vibrator would go into me. Her tits in my face I sucked and licked while satisfying her pussy as she was mine. And then just as we came together I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Someone was watching us from the back patio.

It didn’t alarm me at all, in fact, it turned me on, even more, to know someone was watching. We decided to swap and have her fuck me next. I went and opened the other curtains so the peeping pervert could watch. She started in on me with hot lesbian love and then I saw him. You’ll never guess who it was! In fact, he’s cooking breakfast for us downstairs right now to replenish our bodies after we’ve been fucking all morning!

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