One day, as I was drying myself off from the shower at the gym a new girl came over to me. I had seen her before, but only in the last few days. I thought she was drop dead gorgeous. As did the others at the gym. I smiled at her. She smiled back… And it lingered.
She didn’t say much. She just took off her clothes. All of them. Slowly. She had gorgeous real tits, tight abs and a gorgeous tan. She took my hand and placed it on her tit. I squeezed it. She moaned. She squeezed my tit and pulled me in to her. We started to kiss.
The next thing I know, I’m on the bench and she is on top of me rubbing her pussy all over my tits. She had straddled the bench and was just rubbing herself up and down my tits. I had never had this happen before and I was so excited. I was watching her pussy get wet and swollen as she rubbed and fucked my tits. She would bring her pussy up to my face and all I could so was smell it, because she wasn’t letting me taste her.
She rubbed her clit as she was thrusting herself on my tits. She suddenly started to shake and it looked like she was struggling to stay quiet as some of her juices leaked onto my breasts.
She kissed me, got up and went to the shower without a word.
I got myself cleaned up and slowly got dressed. I was waiting for her, but didn’t want to be obvious. She was taking too long, so I left and dreamed about eating that fabulous pussy tomorrow.

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