Lesbian Lick-fest time is here, so, let’s get this party started!!!! But, I’ll backtrack to the beginning.  I had my epiphany in my junior year at university.  I had  discovered a LOVE of ALL things woman.  And it just got worse from there. I flipped the script on my own life! And in spite of myself, everything I knew turned into CUMplete bedlam! I can smell great pussy on a passing breeze, so I followed!

It started with my brother, Sean and his insatiable crush on a porno called, “Lesbian Lick-fest”.  It practically ruled his world; however, he was about to have his own…awakening!  My brother was attending the law school at the same university where I was an undergrad.  We also shared a small house down by the lake.  It was a perfect place to play. Our rooms fit us perfectly.  His was all guy and mine, ALL girl!  We’re closer than most siblings. LOL.

At night, we shared a bed and the two room… just a ruse.  My big brother has always been my champion, to say nothing of being my hero. So, it only made sense when he urged me to join the lesbian sorority on campus.  He’d get to have me all night; while feeding his fantasies of seeing me engage in his LIVE Lesbian Lick-Fest at home.  If people thought I was a lezzie, no one would buzz about our “living arrangments”.   He was right about that!

Sean brought women home all the time for us to share; in light of my lesbian status on campus, we were good to go!  So, him CUMming home to find me buried tongue deep in his “girlfriend” was never a bad thing.  We’re the happiest three-some on campus!

One Taste Is NEVER Enough!


Let’s Get Caught!