My hair needed to be touched up and trimmed so I walk into the salon just looking for the regular treatment. I saw Rachael, the new stylist. 5 foot 9, long tanned legs, deep brown hair with blonde streaks in soft curls that cascaded down to her big round ass and just thick all around. She had the biggest tits I had seen on a girl! I just wanted to bury my face in them and suck on her nipples which I can only imagine are big and beautiful, just like her. I asked the girl at the front if she could get me, Rachael, to do my hair. She smirked with a frisky look in her eyes and said “Everyone wants Rachael! She’s so popular. She’s seriously amazing. And I know it doesn’t matter but all she ever wants is female clients,” she leans in closer and whispers “I think she’s a lesbian!”


I laughed and said, “Well, maybe lesbians just do hair better!” We laughed about it and I signed in. I sat down in the waiting room and started playing on my phone but really I was looking at Rachael’s fat ass. I watched as she danced around her customer, using the blow dryer made her enormous tits jiggle and bounce and I bit my lip thinking about the kind of nipples she had. I had to keep uncrossing and crossing my legs because my pussy was starting to throb and get juicy from watching the gorgeous stylist. I wanted her. I wanted to just lift up my skirt and rub my clit so bad. I was imagining her plump lips wrapped around my clit, flicking it with her wet tongue. I was getting too worked up for not even talking to her yet!

“Bailey! Rachael will see you now,” woke me up from my hot daydream. I smiled and stood up, adjusting my mini skirt because my ass was almost hanging out. I really hope they don’t notice the wet spot on the seat I was in! I walked to Rachael’s seat and sat down. She came over and said hello then she put the drape on me and started asking what I wanted. I told her to give me a trim and touch up. Rachael had changed stations with another girl so it was behind a wall and no one could see us. She started touching up my roots and I couldn’t stop staring down her shirt as she did my bangs. Those tits were so round and delicious looking.. Even better up close. Her perfume was light and delicate with a little spice. Oh I know this perfume, The Fame by Lady Gaga. One of my favorite scents.

She put me under the dryer for a little while and took me back to the seat. She removed all the foil and it looked great. Then she started to trim it. I breathed her in as she twirled around me like a ballerina, trimming, and then styling my hair. We had barely spoken and I just wanted to say she was beautiful but I was tongue-tied. Then she said “So, I know I shouldn’t tell you this bit, you’re very stunning and gorgeous. I am sorry, don’t tell on me! He he.” I smiled wide and said to her “thank you so much, I think you’re beautiful. And very sexy. You’re so curvy and I just.. Can’t stop looking at you.” She turned my chair around and ripped the black drape off of me and smiled.. She crawled up onto the chair and my lap and stuck those giant tits on my tits and kissed me. My nipples for so fucking hard and my cunt started to throb! What is she doing?! Aren’t we going to get caught?! She stopped kissing me to tell me ” Don’t you worry, a sexy. No one will come back here. They’re all out for lunch except the receptionist and she is busy out there.” I grinned and gripped her waist.. Pulling her in for a deep kiss. She moaned and leaned back, letting me lift her shirt and revealing those giant tits! She unhooked her bra and it flung off of her and her tits bounced all around in front of me. I watched in wonder and grabbed them. They were 38Es! I had one and started licking her beautiful big nipple. Mmm, so yummy. I just keep sucking as she lifted my shirt and removed my bra. She pinched my nipples and straddled my thigh, grinding her pussy upon my thigh.

She stood up and pulled her tight black pants down and her blue cotton thong was soaking wet! I reached out and put my thumbs under the waistband of her thong and pulled it down. She grabbed my wrists and put my hands on her fat ass, mmmm it was firm and smooth. I kissed her lower tummy and then kissed farther down.. Onto her mound. Her pussy smelled so delicious so I pulled her right leg up onto the arm of the beauty chair and grabbed her ass underneath her legs. Her pubes were a landing strip that lead down to plump pussy lips that were wet and silky looking. I pulled her close and stuck my tongue between her lips. She tasted so sweet with a little smoky taste! Yummy! I lapped at her juices, never letting a drop fall to the floor. My tongue swirled around her hard little clit and flicked it as I snuck two fingers into her slick cunt. I trusted my fingers in and out of her as my tongue played with her clit which was getting harder.. Her breath became staccato and her ample breasts heaved as she tossed her head back and pulled my hair. Then she pushed my head, burying my face in her juicy pussy as she came all over my face and fingers. She was grinding her hips and giggling as I slurped her cum up.

Next was my turn. My cunt was swollen and slippery wanting the hot curvy Rachael to fuck me hard. She leaned my chair back and threw my legs over the armrests and crawled up pressing her pussy onto mine as she licked and suckled my nipples. Biting them every now and then and sending some pain through my body but a good pain. Her hand slid up my thigh and up under my skirt and to my soaking panties. She rubbed my pussy through my panties and I writhed just wanting to feel her skin against it! She grabbed the crotch of my panties and pushed them to the side, revealing my slippery pussy. She stood up and smiled, licking her lips and dove in. She kissed my pussy lips and licked and sucked them, covering them in her saliva. I just watched in delight and spread my legs as far as they could go. She spread my pussy lips with her hands and slurped all of my wetness up and I moaned as I pushed her head into my cunt. Up and down she licked me.. from my asshole to my clit as if I were her lunch. She stuck her tongue deep in my ass and moaned with a happy look in her eyes. I tilted my hips up to watch her lick up to my pussy and stick three fingers into me. Ooo, yes, I feel myself getting closer to cumming. She sucked my clit softly and then harder and harder as she pounded into my pussy with her perfectly manicured fingers. I was going to squirt all over her! I just knew it!

She reached up with her left hand and pinched my hard nipple, kept finger fucking me and sucking my clit. I started grinding on her face and felt it coming.. an explosion was about to happen. She stuck her pinky in with her other fingers and was fucking me so hard and I smiled and moaned. Here it comes, yes, yes! I squirted and my cum was dripping down her arm as she kept pounding my tight cunt with her fingers and I had the most intense orgasm from a girl I had ever had! She slapped my pussy and cleaned up all my cum. Then crawled back up the chair and stuck her pussy up against mine. She kissed me and said “Mmm, that was perfect. I hope you like your hair and want to CUM back for more of my… services.” I smiled wide and said “Oh yeah, I will DEFINITELY be making an appointment with you soon!”

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