A lesbian foot fetish can take lots of (kinky) forms.

What images does the phrase “lesbian foot fetish” conjure in your dirty mind? Lesbians have fetishes, too. Much to my delight, I found out recently that my girlfriend and I both have more than a little bit of a foot fetish.

Despite my attempts to persuade her to be on the phone while having sex with me, she’s still too shy to fly her horny pervert flag for my callers. I’ve only hinted at how our sexcapades inspire my smutty writing here, but she has NO idea to what extent. Lie of omission or turn on for me? Both!

Last week my friend who runs a sex therapy practice called me to ask if we’d be interested in doing a session with a client who had a “thing for lesbian feet.” We’ve been a little strapped for cash lately, so my girlfriend reluctantly agreed.

We decided to meet the client in a hotel room the following day. He had sexy confidence about him, and I could tell my girlfriend thought he was cute. He explained his fantasy of cumming all over our feet while we rubbed our pussies together. I was a little nervous, but mostly VERY excited.

My girlfriend started to peel off my tight crop top while our audience zipped his pants, revealing his already erect cock. My eager, deft fingers undid her bra clasps while my tongue slid in and out of her wet mouth.

It wasn’t too long before we were both naked except for the nylon stockings we’d worn for the occasion.

Making eye contact with our client as he jerked his cock, so aroused, turned me on even more. I slowly pulled off her first stocking, teasing him. And I made sure our gazes met the moment I began sucking on her big toe.


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