Missy and Sarah were coming over for a nice teen face sitting fucking.  Lesbian Face Sitting Teen Fucking gets so messy. Every weekend we have a hot sleepover that gets really naughty and messy. We let our inner Lesbian come out and just attack each other and get so much pleasure. They both arrived and in their bikini’s liked I asked.

Lesbian Face Sitting Teen Fucking

Leading them to the back pool I guided them to the armchairs. We started to sit down when Sarah asked me to put some sunscreen on her. Leaning down I  grabbed my bottle and squirted some into my hands. I let out a little bit and rubbed my hands together. She came and sat down in front of me. Gently I placed my hands against her back. This was going to fun massaging her shoulders. Before I knew it I was leaning down and kissing her sexy tan shoulders.

My hands started to get more rough as I leaned down and started to suck on her neck. Sarah took her top off and dropped it to the floor and turned around to face me. She leaned in and started to kiss my lips. My hands couldn’t help but run-up to her breasts and slowly pinch the nipple. Lesbian Face Sitting Teen Fucking gets your cock so hard. I squeezed it rough in-between my fingers. Making that nipple hard I leaned down and started to kiss the nipple.

Looking over I saw Missy start stripping off her clothes and came over to me. She jumped onto the lawn chair and sat her black pussy into my face. She started grinding to my face. I stuck out my tongue and started licking her pussy lips. Missy started moving up and down sitting right on my face. Her juices started to drain into my mouth.

Missy Was Ready To Use One Hole And Sarah Was Going To Use The Other

The juices were so sweet and yummy as I leaned in and started sucking on her black pussy clit. Sarah came back with her strap-on on and started to tease my pussy with it. Missy was still face sitting when Sarah stuck that strap-on deep in me. She only put a little bit of the head in and slowly pulled out. All my pussy juices oozed out of me when it popped out. Lesbian Face Sitting Teen Fucking gets your cock so hard.

We were acting like such lesbians and loving it so much. Missy hopped off my face and went and put on my strap-on too. I started to get excited and so wet when she came back with the 13 inch one. Missy was ready to use one hole and Sarah was going to use the other. They both pulled me over to the bed and they propped me with my ass up. Missy was on top she slowly pushed the whole strap-on deep in my ass.

Next Sarah pushed her strap-on deep in my tight teen pussy.

I leaned forward and moaned so loud. They started moving their hips back and forth using both my tiny teen holes. With both my holes being used I couldn’t help but want more. I leaned forward again and spread my lips and ass cheeks apart. They pressed in deeper filling me all the way. Lesbian Face Sitting Teen Fucking makes my pussy so wet.

I screamed loud when Missy grabbed my neck and pushed deeper in my ass. Both were moving so fast and taking so much. My teen pussy squeezed the dildo and creamed so much on it. Missy leaned down and started to lick my juices up. All my cum right into her mouth. We really turned into some Horney teen lesbians when Missy’s face sat on me.

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