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I have known my best friend Rebecca forever. Her mom and my mom have always been close so that made Rebecca and I close as well. Together we have been through so much and a lesbian daughter swap was about to the next shenanigan we got into. It all started one night while Rebecca and I were watching porn together. It might sound strange for you but it’s actually what we watch when we are bored. We came across a video of two hot dads swapping their daughters. That gave us the idea and the rest is what follows.

It was a common weekend for Rebecca and me. We went to the mall, shopped and then went to her place where usually her mom was already a few drinks in with my mom. We didn’t make a plan for it, but since both of our moms were single, we decided, why not make them swap daughters. Rebecca and I loved a good lesbian pussy licking. When we arrived at her place we decided to get them a bit more drunk. All we had to do was pour over more wine into their glasses and let everything else flow.

I started by seducing Rebecca’s mom, I saw next to her in my tiny little summer dress. I offered to give her a massage and she was happy to let my hands do wonders on her body. Rebecca’s mom was wearing a tight t-shirt and some jeans. Her big fat tits were barely covered. I started simply by having her sit on the floor while I sat up on the couch and gently massaged her shoulders. Her skin was soft and she smelled amazing. Rebecca went a bit further into our lesbian daughter swap fantasy, and my mom fell for it.

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Rebecca started playing with my mom’s hair. Letting her know she always had this fantasy of being with a MILF. It must have been because my mom was drunk but I think hearing sweet young Rebecca say that rubbed her the right way. My mom leaned over into Rebecca and just kissed her. Rebecca then took the lead and straddled my mom and started sliding her hands down my mom’s tight MILF body. My mom started to gasp and that when I took my chance and slid my hands down Rebecca’s mom’s tits.

Rebecca’s mom had the perfect set of fake tits. In fact, deep inside me, I had always envied her amazing rack. While I pinched her nipples and pushed her tits together we watch my mom and Rebecca play with each other. Rebecca was an expert, I could tell. She rapidly had my mom naked and she on eating her cunt. My mom just threw her head back and was enjoying that young tongue on her MILF pussy. Rebecca would occasionally reach up and play with my mom’s tits. That would drive her wild, and almost to the point of orgasm.

Rebecca’s mom turned around as she was still laying on the floor.

She spread my legs and just showed two fingers in my wet cunt. While she did it, she liked my tight little asshole and I couldn’t contain myself. I moaned hard and that was the first time I came on our lesbian daughter swap night. Soon enough we were scissoring each other. We lost track of my mom and Rebecca as our legs were locked and our pussies were pressed up against one another.

I came again and this time, my young cunt started dripping so much onto that MILF pussy. My mom and Rebecca were 69ing. Their heads buried in each other’s pussies. Savoring every drop of each other’s cum. I loved watching them. My best friend and my mom fucking each other so good they actually made each other squirt. The sight of that alone made me get so turned one, Rebecca’s mom shoved two fingers in my cunt and fucked me till I came all over her hand. As for her, she finished herself off by grinding her cunt on my tongue. My mom and Rebecca, on the other hand, kept going and going.

My mom and I ended up staying over at Rebecca’s place. In the morning, we did it all over again. Just this time we were prepared with dildos and it was even more fun than the night before.

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