Is your lesbian cuckold fantasy more emasculating than a “regular” cuckold fantasy?

Lots of men have a cuckold fantasy, but are you one of the special few with a lesbian cuckold fantasy? Believe it or not, I’ve been part of a lesbian cuckold in real life. More than once. And: both as “The Other Woman” and the woman leaving her boyfriend for another woman. Shocked? You shouldn’t be.

Why would I want to replace you with another ugly, hairy, smelly, loud, obnoxious man when I could elope with someone of the fairer sex? And to your male “peer group,” they can’t help but see someone extra wrong, lacking about you for your husband-ly throne to be so easily usurped by a girl. Men are so stupid, aren’t they?

You and I both know I’ve always had more than a little taste for pussy. You know that when I’ve told you I’m out at “Girls Night” and you’re not allowed to cum, I’m not lying about exclusively enjoying the company of my female friends. The thing is that we’re not just friends. I’ve been sleeping with Sheila for years now. And we’re tired of keeping our affair in the closet. I don’t love you anymore, if I ever did. I love her. Does that hurt your feelings?

Supposedly a main erotic component of cuckold fetishes is the lingering emotional pain element. How does it feel to know I’m madly in love with another woman?

Whenever a man finds out he is being cuckolded by lesbians on television or in the movies, there is usually only one ending doled out to his wife and her lover: death. I don’t like that ending. And neither do you. Let’s see if we can take this in a more creative direction, shall we?

This all started because of your desires anyway. I’d never been with another woman, but you insisted I try it in front of you a couple of years into our (stale) marriage. After a while, I agreed, desperate for any kind of physical touch besides yours. The first woman you invited into our bedroom was mostly for your pleasure, a younger sexpot type girl you could jack off to easier. It is hard for a chronic masturbator like you to be able to get it up for jacking off, isn’t it? The second woman was the wife of your boss who you despise. Your boss wanted an excuse to have me in bed, you were willing to trade me off. What you didn’t know is that his wife and I would have our own affair, without the two of you unsexy buffoons.

It was over a year before you even suspected anything, let alone a lesbian cuckold fantasy. One afternoon you came home from work early, trying to “surprise” or “romance” (or whatever you thought) me with flowers on your lunch break. Of course, I was busy being romanced by a beautiful, mature woman. Your usually limp dick couldn’t help getting hard as you crept closer towards our bedroom and heard me moaning, her mouth buried in my divine cunt.

How does your limp dick feel hearing another woman make me cum harder than you ever have? Limper? Or something else?

Putting a little terror of me leaving you for another woman is all part of my femdom fear play phone sex game, you know. But your fears aren’t just idle reveries this time. I am leaving you. Perhaps for our cuckold phone sex role play, we can enact our dramatic (and tear-free, on my part) goodbye scene. We’ll start with you “confronting” me that you know that I’ve been having an affair. Maybe you don’t yet know it’s with a woman yet. I’ll be happy to tell you. And I’ll be happy to leave you, worthless loser that you are (and always have been)!

Perhaps you’ll beg me to let you watch, just one time. Perhaps I’ll blackmail you or tell you the only way that’s happening is if you leave me at least half the assets you own in our divorce. I keep the house, you keep the dog, bitch. This lesbian cuckold fantasy is going to make my dreams come true just as much as yours!

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