Sometimes a hot lesbian blog can really get your gears going. Especially when that is a sexy blog that contains not only one sexy babe such as myself. However, when it includes another big tit hottie who can’t help but scissor her slit with me. Sometimes guys can get so lucky as to witness two sexy babes playing with each other. Truly you would love to picture yourself not only sandwiched between one perfect pair of tits but two. Not only that but their pretty wet pussies that are just dripping for each other, and possibly if lucky enough, you too. 


My bestie and I decided to have a little get-together by the pool with a few of our favorite gal pals. What started innocently enough with some hot girls sunbathing and swimming soon turned into wild fun. As the drinks started to flow the music began to get loud and the antics started to kick up. Soon ladies were making out and splashing topless in the pool just having a good bit of fun. However, it did not take very long for all the loud noise to draw the attention of our neighbors. One neighbor, in particular, lived on the other side of the privacy fence. 

Lesbian Blog That Starts As A Party And Ends Naughty

However, instead of gathering the courage to come and knock on my door and asking us to turn it down. He walked out to his backyard and peered through the knothole in the wooden fence to see what was going on. The sight that he could see would get most men hard. Therefore it was no surprise that he was getting hard just looking for less than five minutes through that hole. Then, he did what any horny man would do peering through the fence at a party of topless horny girls. He became a stroking voyeur, hands down his pants, cock locked tight in a hold. 


What he was seeing was 10 of my closest friends as we splashed in the pool wearing just our bikini bottoms. Then, we got turned on and began kissing the face and tits of each other. We all whimpered out loudly as we were rubbing slits and stuffing holes. I groaned as I mounted the face of a big titted friend. Riding her I leaned over and 69’ed her perfect pussy. Tasting her sweet slit in my mouth made me wetter. Deep moans left all of our lips and I closed my eyes, grabbed my tits, and sat up letting my head hang back. 

Lesbian Blog Scissoring Gets An Unexpected Guest

There were women gathering all around and we began to scissor and slide our moist pussies against each other. It felt amazing feeling the friction of our clits grinding with one another. I bit my lip and turned my head to the side hearing a low octave groan coming from the distance. That is when I saw my neighbors eye peeping through. However, he did not catch me until his chance was too late. After all, as he was peeping through a knothole on top of the fence he didn’t realize the head of his cock was pushing through a knothole on the bottom.  


Like a hungry slut, that is always eager to lend a helping hand to guys jerking off. I began sucking on the tip of his cock. The neighbor groaned out in excitement thrusting his cock forward into the back of my throat. He continued to look through the hole. Groaning as I gave him the blowie of many men’s fantasies. “Yes, Yes,” he cried out as the women behind me continued the lesbian blog adventures of their own, a train of women licking each other’s pussy in a complete circle behind me. However, his cock cucking was not at its finale yet. In fact, there was way more to come than he could have ever imagined. 

Lesbian Blog Finish Find This Voyeur Exploding

My big titted friend invited herself over to my side, seeing all the fun I was having with my glory hole fence. I whimpered as she began to finger bang me, sucking on my clit too. Then she joined my cock sucking my neighbor through the knothole. As moans released behind us my neighbor let out a loud one of his own. The two of us were covered in his warm explosive cum load before laughing and continuing on in our pleasure as if he was still not there. We laid on top of each other next to the fence feeling the warmth of each other’s tits as his cum slid between us. The perfect finish to any lesbian blog swim party!

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