Crushing on my lesbian bff!

Rachel and I were always close, but lately, it seems like we’ve been too busy with the real world to really enjoy our time together. We used to go out and party every single night together but that was before we were all grown up. Now, I and my lesbian BFF hardly get to see each other. It was Rachel’s idea to do the shoot but I have to admit… I was excited to see her in a skimpy little outfit. She walked out in a matching black lace bra and panty set while I modeled a skimpy black teddy for our camera.

We started pretty easily, just posing and looking at the camera. It wasn’t until I noticed the bra on the floor that I realized my lesbian BFF was playing with herself for the camera. At first, I was shocked but I just couldn’t look away from her tight pussy. We were just horny sexy lesbian teens who couldn’t resist.  Without hesitation, I dropped to my knees in front of our photographer and slid my tongue up her dripping slit.

I easily slid the fabric to the side and started to slide my small fingers inside her aching hole. Rachels moans drove me wild as I sucked her clit into my mouth. Her back was arched and she was desperately wet. I slid three fingers inside her and finger fucked her deep and hard. She sprayed my face with her squirt and cum quickly after I found her delicious sweet spot. She tasted so fucking delicious and as we cleaned up she slapped my ass and giggled that we’d be taking lots of more photos together. Rachel pushed me down and kissed me hard one last time before grabbing the camera to see our work.

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