I just read the entry on lesbian sister sex action and omg! It was SO fuckin’ HOT! I don’t have a sister, but if I did, I would TOTALLY fuck her. Especially if she was my TWIN sister! What can I say, I’m HOT! I’d totally fuck me! =)

Since I didn’t have a slutty sister to experiment with, I started out with my best friend Stephanie. She was such a cute girl! I loved her freckled nose; her creamy white skin, and those adorable red pigtail braids! She had, and still has the most incredible mouth! Such soft, pouty pink lips! I used to talk her into “playing house” all the time when we were young. She was VERY feminine, so I always let her be the wife, and I was the husband. Even at that young age, EVERYONE knew that the husband and wife had to lay down in bed at night and kiss each other! …it was nighttime a lot in MY pretend world! =) I loved feeling her body pressed against mine; those soft, budding breasts with their hard nipples pressing into me! It felt SO good to slip my tongue inside her young, hot mouth and tease hers! I can still feel her squirming and hear her excited squeals the first time I talked her into letting me to “all the way” and slide my tongue into that sweet, puffy pink pussy!
…even today, I know just the right spot to hit with my tongue to make her CREAM for me!

That adorable little redhead has long since traded her braces and band-aids for designer dresses and BOMBSHELL beauty! We have the BEST girl’s nights. Call me to hear more!

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