How I learned to masturbate… Thanks Mom!

I became very sexual at a young age. I learned everything I needed to know about sex and how to masturbate , on the back of the school bus, from older kids. Yet, I was still curious because knowing how it’s done, seeing it actually done, and doing it… are 3 totally different things.

Of course, curiosity normally kills the Cat, not the case this time… I assure you, the kitty is alive and well. *giggle*

 I remember being left home alone for small amounts of time, sneaking into my parents room, and raiding my momma’s top drawer. In there, I found the first porno of MANY viewed in my life. I watched how men and women kissed and licked each other. How a dick penetrated a wet pussy, how sex could be soft and sensual, or rough and hard.  I felt hot, confused at both what was happening on the tv, and what was going on in my little body… but, the burn grew more intense. I remember the first time I saw a man touch a woman’s pussy, to begin with, I thought he was hurting her.. she shifted her body, and moaned, and made these faces.. I couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t trying to stop him, if he was hurting her. Then… she told him to rub faster… harder… MORE! … Hmmmmm, why did she want more? He wasn’t hurting her at all, she LIKED it!!!

*next scene*

A woman, all by herself, was sitting on her couch. She began touching her breasts thru her shirt. I mimicked… rubbing my almost “A’s”.  She reached over and grabbed a bottle of oil from the table, unfastening her buttons, and letting her glorious dirty pillows bare, for all the world to see. Then, dripping oil all over her breasts, she started rubbing them, massaging them. So Then, I began to massage, rubbing my hands over my small mounds, and shadowing her every move. She tweaked her nips, and squeezed her Big Tits. Her beautifully manicured hands, with painted red nails, slid down over her panties. ( I later learned the proper term for this was “masturbate”) I watched without blinking, and she started to massage her pussy thru her panties. I followed. I did exactly as she did. I placed my hand over my pink cotton and I began to rub my little pink box. It felt so good, so I moved my hand faster, pushing my fingers into my clitty thru my panties…. MMmmmmmm… It was amazing. I pushed and rubbed and tweaked my little button, the entire time wearing those panties.. until a rush of heat came over me, and I realized, I had just “cum” for the very first time.

Over the years, I have perfected my self pleasure. And have learned many ways to get a guy off.

Hmmm, we can always masturbate together!!!

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