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As a sexy Latina teen tease, I crave twisted things. You don’t see at first glance, but it becomes more evident as time goes by. Everything I wear and say is an allusion for what’s in my perverted mind. My likings happen to be to playing with fire and enjoying it very much. I see nothing wrong in the bluntness that comes with the territory of being a sick fuck. I’m down for a quick suck. I don’t have any limits and don’t like boundaries. I want to break the rules and create chaos and confusion.

Do you think an innocent girl won’t ruin your relationship? Think again! It’s all part of the game for me. I want to control and dominate you in ways you wish you could stop but, then still you don’t want it to end.

My first taste in the game.

I’m such a tease I have worn tiny thongs for perverted men. It’s so hot to put it on and wear it to class. The professor walks behind and stares and gets horny at the sight of a Latina teen tease. School is relatively easy when you know how to use your assets. I’m well aware of how to plot and make ever situation benefit me.

I’ve learned from the best. My mom is sexy as hell and never has to worry about a thing, together we are every man’s dream. My first experience in the ruination of a man is hot as sin. Both my mom and I teased a cock and made it pop! I walked in from school wearing my usual revealing outfit, and from there, all hell broke loose.

It is so evident and apparent.

My mom freaks out on her boyfriend, who is gawking and lusting after me. Her blood begins to boil, but then, something else happens. I can see she’s got something up her sleeve. It’s the most uncomfortable couple of minutes of my life, but once my mom starts thinking deeply, I know she’s up to something. She calls me close and tells me to undress and show her pervert boyfriend what he wants to see.

I’m hesitant, but she encourages me, and it’s like she brought me up for this. Each command echoes in my mind and I follow them and start to undress slowly and shyly. I slowly get more confident and daring. My mom makes me her Latina teen tease.

Together we tease the horny man.

He can look, but he can’t touch. We tease him and make out together. He’s about to lose it, but we tell him no way. Once we see he’s about to pop, we make him stop. The look on his face is priceless. There’s no way he can hold it, but he has no choice but to do so. It’s so wrong, and that’s what makes it alluring. My mom starts to play with my wet pussy, and I begin to drip down my thighs. Her naughty boyfriend wants his turn, but of course, he is gullible as hell to think he will.

This Incest Cocksucking Duo knows how to make a man beg. With each suck and stroke between both of us, we can feel his cock pulsate. It’s excellent teamwork between both of us. Once he thinks we will give him mercy, we intensify it all by halting.  As a Latina teen tease, I giggle at his expense.

Orgasm control is a sure treat.

It might seem frustrating, but once you give in, you can bet the best explosion will be yours. The tease and efforts in control are what sets off that cock to dispense copious amounts of cum. The more cum, the better. Naughty girls love cream, and they like to share it. My mom set me up to be the best Latina teen tease.

Now I can’t stop myself. I break all the rules in school and wherever I want. I’m so proud of it too. I’m always down for a good time, and each experience makes me an even more slick trouble maker.

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