Have you ever wonder to yourself, ” Is my penis too small?” That is ok, every guy wonders that same question. You are not alone in that. But, if you wonder that all the time and are also looking up small penis humiliation then that should not be the only question you should be asking yourself. You should be also worried if it is too quick to release or maybe too soft! As a phonesex operator that caters to so many different fetishes, one of my favorite calls is when a man calls me and tells me about his tiny penis. I enjoy finding out what is wrong with yours and coming up with the best phonesex humiliation session for having such an ineffectual dick! I can always find a job for you if, in fact, you are a useless small dick loser. Anything from eating cum right out of my freshly fucked pussy to you being the one that gets fucked by my big strap on cock! You will be glad that you have a small penis after you had experienced a Latina small penis humiliation session with me.


Is My Penis Too Small?

If you have to ask that question, then the answer must be yes! If you need proof  for the question “Is my penis too small?” Then we can settle this right here and right now. Go ahead and grab a roll of toilet paper, If you cock fits in the hole, your cock is too thin. Pull out a dollar bill from your wallet. If your cock isn’t longer than the bill you are too fucking short. Now, not passing one of these tests means your cock is too small. But, not passing both of these tests mean yy are fucking tiny. It simply means you are not capable of giving a woman the toe-curling, bed sheet grabbing, mind-blowing, full-body orgasm that she can only obtain from a big juicy cock. I have always said that since little dicks can’t give orgasms, they shouldn’t be allowed to experience orgasms. Tiny dicks belong in chastity. Locked away where they will never see the light of day.

Do You Cum Too Quick?

Pencil dicks get a little sympathy, I mean they can’t help it if they got the genetic short end. The E.D guys might have actual medical or age-related issues. Being too quick though? That one is all on YOU. Premature ejaculation is the one thing on this list that you actually have some control over. That is the one thing that every loser can change. I usually make them stroke just to bring if orgasm, then I make them stop. I have to make them get their hands off those pathetic dicks and wait until the urge subsides.  Then I make them do it again and again. It takes less than a minute for them. to get back to the brink but they know that this is the only way they can learn some discipline. I would do this for hours, making them edge so much until they are exhausted. After all that, I just deny them and leave them completely blue balled. Don’t feel bad for them, they learn to love that feeling. That one of the beauties of Latina Small Penis Humiliation phonesex call with me. I teach you to embrace your flaws.

Is My Penis Too Soft?

You can have the biggest cock on the block, but if you can’t get it up you might as well ve humiliated right along with the too-small penis losers. Limp dicks are absolutely pathetic. You try and you can’t get any wind in your sails. You look down at that worthless floppy dick that gas betrayed you. No matter how horny you are, it won’t get hard. You can  I barely do any hand humping with the rubber snake, let alone actually penetrate a partner. I mean, you are not really a man at this point are you? Might as well throw out all your boxers and brief and dump them in a black trash bag and replace them with some panties. Get you some silky little panties to caress your soft floppy clitty. Because when your cock can’t get hard is no longer a cock is more a clitty. That would make you a sissy bitch.

Latina Small Penis Humiliation

Will only help you get out of your rut. You and I know that right now you are in denial. I know it is hard to admit that you are less than a man. But, baby that is not always a bad thing. There are so many things you can do as a bitch boy. You can always service me and other women like a cleanup boy after she has been fucked by a real cock. Or you can be our egged bitch. Sometime after I come home all I want is to put on my strap-on and fuck a tight asshole and that is where you come in. So, you see there are endless possibilities for you. All you have to do is call me and ask to have a latina small penis humiliation phone sex, I will take care of the rest.

So, as you can see there is so much more for you to worry about than ” Is My Penis Too Small? ”  Your penis might be too small, but it also might be too quick or too soft! If you truly are an unfortunate one, you might just hit the trifecta and be too small, too quick, and too soft! If you are still unsure all you have to do is give me a call and we can figure it out together. One call with me during a Latina small penis humiliation session I will have you coming back for more.

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