What are interactive sex stories?

Interactive sex stories are a great way to have some fun with your favorite Latina, me. How does it work? Easy! I’ll give you three options, you pick one and then we can have some fun. These three are my favorite and they can all be done while I’ll tell you the nastiest things in two languages. Wanna know what they are?

Your Latina Girlfriend. I’ll be waiting for you at home in your old baseball t-shirt and sexy lace panties. When you come to the door I’m ready to get you a cold beer and sit on your lap. My nice round ass pressed up against you. I’d turn round and straddle you instead. I whisper sweet nothing into your ear, in Spanish of course. Quiero sentirte dentro de mi.

Your Latina Age Play Expert. Sweet, young and I love calling you papi. Always teasing with my skimpy clothes, showing off too much of my perfectly tan young body. Would you invite me in if come over to sell you some candy? Maybe I’ll come to tease you, or perhaps you have been eager to take full advantage of a naive girl.

Your Latina Cuckold Goddess. Ponte de rodillas y mira como me cojen. Translation? Get on your knees and watch me get fucked. You’re so pathetic and I know that you love being my little bitch while I take big thick cocks. My banging body pleasing someone who you will never ever be. Do tell. How much does it turn you on that I only fuck alpha males?

Which one will it be? Pick one, call me and mention YourFavoriteLatina to get five extra minutes on your next paid call.

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