So as some of you guys may not know.. I do a lot of graphic design. I’m a freelancer. and that means I end up spending a lot of time in offices around the city, doing work for several different companies..sometimes, there are a LOT of late days. Like tonight ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m writing this from an office I’ve been working all day. Waiting for some silly files to copy over.. All other offices and rooms on this floor are unoccupied. The security sign in sheet says everyone’s pretty much left..

This entire floor is beautiful.. and since I’ve been writing and looking at some of my “other” work stuff, I’m getting a little horny. The girls write such sexy stories on here! I could probably get away with something crazy tonight. The office is so empty.. I could probably strip down naked and walk several laps around the cubicles and other rooms without anyone seeing, noticing, or even coming within 20 feet of me. I’ve had some sexy gifs playing on my laptop and I’m getting reallyyy hot & bothered.. I could be really careful and just slip away to the bathroom, but what’s getting me really horny is the public part of it – the danger. I’m not an exhibitionist, but I love the risk! I’ve been teasing myself a little through my jeans and panties and I’m getting so wet, the panties are dripping through…

I have three options right now.. I could get a little naughty on this office floor, maybe even feel a little dangerous and move the party to one of the CEO rooms. They hate having cameras invade their privacy in those so it might be safe. Option 2 is me stripping down in this little cubicle that I’m at now, slipping down to the floor and playing with myself right here, talking to some of you naughty guys on messenger.. And option 3 is to do a little marathon: how many places in this office can I play with myself on? On the front desk, against the huge glass windows..on and on and on! Like a little perv adventure! Ha, I love it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m a little PERV!

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