Every Couple Needs a Last Goodbye Fuck

My ex-boyfriend, David, was getting married and invited me to the wedding. I think he wanted closure for us but I had other plans. I wanted one last goodbye fuck and I would get it from him at any cost. Of course, I wore a slutty, impossibly short red dress with no panties. I knew I wouldn’t have much time with him and he needed easy access to my sweet soft cunt. 

The ceremony and reception were all happing at the same luxury hotel, and all of the wedding party and guests were staying at this hotel too. This made my seduction that much easier. It was easy to find out which room number David was staying in. I waited until a couple of hours before the ceremony when I knew he would be dressed in his tux. I wanted David to be looking his absolute best for this last goodbye fuck. 

Our Wild Sex Life

David and I were a typical young passionate couple that loved to fuck but also loved to fight. We were living the teen sex dream! There was almost too much sexual energy between us for a healthy relationship. We were always the hottest couple in the room but that came with a lot of jealousy too. Someone was always trying to steal the other person away. The benefit of being in such a crazy passionate relationship was the wild sex. Make-up sex always produced the most intense orgasms. I was hoping to relive some of that untamed passion one more time for our last goodbye fuck. I wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.  

All Alone 

When I knocked on David’s door the Best Man answered the door. He wasn’t shy about looking me up and down with a sly smile. I told him I wanted to chat with the groom. He let me in and David was shocked to see me. It had been a couple of years and I think he forgot what a bombshell I was. He blushed as he came over to give me a hug. I pressed my huge tits into his chest. “I need to talk to you privately”, I whispered in his ear. He obliged by asking the groomsmen to wait outside the room for a few minutes. 

I finally had him all alone and damn, he looked so hot in his black tux. “You look amazing!” he gushed. “Thanks, babe, so do you”, I said and linked my arms around his neck. “Woah”, he said pulling slightly away from me, “I’m getting married remember.”

“I don’t care,” I told him, “I need one last goodbye fuck for closure. You know we had the best sex! Let’s do it one last time.” He stayed silent for a moment. I could tell he was wrestling with what was the right thing to do and what he really wanted at that moment. 

That was my cue. I stepped back and lifted my skirt showing him my perfect pussy that was ready to take his huge cock. All he had to do was say, yes.       

He Gave In, Of Course

Who could resist me, really! When this perfect body and hungry pussy are begging for your cock, it’s impossible to resist. 

David immediately dropped to his knees and started worshipping my pussy. It was like he was desperate to taste me once again. He relentlessly ate me out until I came hard. I didn’t hold back my moans and I don’t think David cared if the groomsmen could hear us. All he cared about at that moment was my pussy. As soon as I came, he picked me up and threw me onto the bed. I knew what he wanted, I got on all fours and stuck my ass in the air. His massive cock slammed into my pussy, I screamed out in pleasure. 

There was a knock at the door. “David, we have to go now”, I heard one of the guys calling out. “In a minute,” David answered, not hiding his panting. We could hear their muffled voices outside but we continued our intense fuck. 

I came again and David quickly moved his cock to my ass, he really knew how to take care of me. There was more knocking at the door but David completely ignored them. He was completely mesmerized by my asshole and nothing else. I could tell he was wanting to blow his load soon and I was close yet again. 

I’m Worth It

That’s when I heard a keycard being swiped at the door. I turned my head towards the door, David did not stop thrusting into my tight hole for a second. The door flung open, the bride in her gown stood shocked, her mouth wide open. “David!” she screamed. He turned to look at her but didn’t slow his rhythm. I pressed back into his cock even more now. “Sorry, honey”, is all he said. Then he grabbed my hips and started cumming inside me. The bride screamed and rushed out of the room before he could finish. 

“Was it worth it?”, I asked, knowing the answer. “Oh, yes”, he said laying on the bed next to me.   

Would you continue fucking me too? 

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