Family vacation gets hot when this little teen finds a glory hole!

Over the holidays I decided to go on a little trip to the sinful city of Las Vegas. Quite honestly, it isn’t exactly fun when you’re with family.  I decided to slip away for a bit and walk the strip alone. It was loud and the air was thick so I slipped into a small bar on a corner and made my way to the ladies room. When I stepped inside my cheeks immediately turned red as I looked right at a real-life glory hole. There was movement on the other side of the wall, and I could hear the distinct sound of a zipper coming down.

I was too nervous to move. Instead, I stood there watching as the tip of a thick uncut cock pushed through the opening. “Come on, lil girl. I saw you walk in there. Just give me one good suck!” His voice was deep and demanding. His cock was inches away from my face and I found myself biting my lip wanting to do such a naughty thing. A dirty thing. He thrust into the wall hard and mashed his shaft into my mouth. I let him slide it in and started to suck him off.

What happens in Vegas…

The glory hole was the perfect height for my little frame to turn around and bend over if I wanted, and I could feel myself getting wet under my skirt thinking about it. I needed it. I pulled my mouth off of his member and quickly slipped my panties down to my ankles. The loud moan from the other end of the glory hole made me whimper as I slipped him inside me. His cock was thick but slipped inside my drenched cunt easily. I could feel him thrusting as deep as he could and I could tell at that moment he fucking hated the brick between us.

I shoved my panties into my mouth to keep me quiet as I felt this strangers cock pulsate inside me. My phone buzzed- my family is wanting to know when I will be home. I hear deep desperate groans and bounce my thick ass back against the wall desperately for a few moments before pulling off and dropping to my knees again. His cock made me gag as he forced it all the way down my throat before releasing a huge load forcing me to swallow every bitter drop.


I took a few moments to let my fingers slip into my cunt. As I stood up to go home I could feel my cum. It was dripping down my thighs towards my heels. I slipped my panties back on carefully and fixed my hair before going back out into the small bar. I couldn’t help but wonder who’s load I had just drained as I walked to the hotel.  It was as if I had starred in my own sex tape and I felt so naughty! No questions asked that night.


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