Lap Dance For Daddy

I love coming home for the holidays! I get to see my daddy! It’s the best thing ever other than Phone Sex!

The entire drive down my panties is soaked because I get so excited to see my daddy. I showed up at my family party and instantly sat on my daddy’s lap! I gave him a big hug and started to bounce from excitement. Could feel him getting excited too! I stuck a candy cane in my mouth and started to suck on it, keeping full eye contact with my daddy. I could feel his dick growing bigger and bigger. But I thought it would be a lot more fun to tease him so that is exactly what I did.

I got off of his lap and started to jump around, taking shots along the way. I got pretty drunk this Christmas. But I still kept my daddy as the goal. The only thing I wanted to open was Daddy’s pants this Christmas. But I still had to try and be a good girl. Well, I got pretty drunk. Everyone started to leave the party. Finally, it was just me and my daddy outside and I started to do a lap dance for him.

I slowly stripped off my clothes. Starting with my tight little red dress. Then I took my leg and put it right in his lap as I rolled down my stocking. My daddy was loving it. I could tell he wanted to bend me over and fuck me right then and there. But I still made him wait. I finished stripping down to my panties. The cold wind swirled around me. My nipples were so hard, I was freezing. I needed my daddy’s warmth.

Then my step mom walked out. That is when the fun began.

She started to strip down too. She and I started to make out and she pulled out a giant dildo from her purse. Told me it was an exact copy of his dick. She told me she was the one who was going to fuck me tonight. I was so happy! I love when my step-mommy fucks me! She got on her knees and started to suck my daddy off. I loved watching his face. He loved it. Then my Step Mommy bent me over and stuck that dildo deep in my pussy. I came all over it and then she licked it clean. I loved it so much.

Then it was Daddy’s turn to be pleased. Want to know what happened? Call me some Hot Incest Phone Sex!

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