A Lady Lover is often a dime a dozen.  So, what could make me so special? LOLOLOL.  You have NO IDEA! When you think of any girlfriend you’ve ever had…do you smile all over yourself…up to the point where you remember the heartbreak? Maybe the lying, cheating, or stealing from you…including your heart?  Well, with me…no such terror.  I’m the purrfect girl.  I never cumplain, nag, lie, cheat or steal.  I am yours eXXXactly as you need me.  Settle in for a love story…of sorts. Giggle.

A really great lady lover should know how to LISTEN to her man…What is he asking for WITHOUT his words…What do his EYES, the low tone of his voice…his BODY language say?  They’re ALL telling you the story of “him“…if you’re paying attention!  I’m ALWAYS paying attention!  I’m what you might call, a “watcher”.  I can sit smiling adoringly at you, but my mind races.  I can’t stop it…It’s innate.  Maybe it’s a French woman thing.  But, we are the world’s GREATEST nurturers! When my man tells me his head hurts from a stressful day, I read further to A: “which head?” and B: “what caused it?”

You see, sometimes a headache is more than a headache.  It could be a stressful day, a bitchy wife, or ex…Maybe he hasn’t been with me in a long time and no matter who else he fucks… he still needs his Joey fix!  I get it.

I then make a quick assessment and know without hesitation whether tonight is anal rimming, cock sucking, or pussy-pounding-time and then I set about my work.  Just as HIS day cums to its end…MY work…is just beginning. And when it cums to HIM…I LOVE MY JOB.  It’s an easy job when you’ve got a HUGE CRUSH on your man and his needs are all that matter to you.  I’d cum to work on him every day of the week…if he’d let me. Haha

Maybe the trick is to really LIKE your lover.  To want to know how he ticks and what his EVERY KINK IS.  I don’t know why, but even when I’m NOT working…I ALWAYS give him phone sex… It keeps things eXXXtra spicey!  Don’t believe me?  Just call me and see how I leave YOU feeling!

A Perfect Friend Is Something To Be eXXXperienced!


Pampering Is Just ONE Of My Specialties!

Phone Sex