The Lady Boy of the Hour

What can I say, my friends and I are some sick and kinky fucks.  The girls and I have a real soft spot for humiliating men and my male friends love a good cross-dressing fag boy to use and abuse.  I love to throw parties and hire lady boy escorts to be our entertainment.

I was so excited!  My usual service had a new lady boy for us to break in.  They knew if their “girls” could hack it for one of my parties, they could handle anything.  I hear the doorbell ring and I opened the door.  There was the slut of the hour, dressed in her cheap club wear dress, ready to be treated like the little slut she was.  I had her come inside and immediately get down on her knees.   I clipped a collar around her slender neck and gently guided her to the living room.

My girlfriends started to giggle at the sight of such a well behaved whore.

 I bend down, put my hand under her chin, and whispered in her ear, “You been a good girl for my guests tonight.  I would hate to call you boss and tell him what a disappointment you were”.   As I stood back up, I motioned for the men to come have a look at their treat.  One flipped up that little dress and I spanked that bubble butt hard.  I could hear my little fuck slave let out a whimper.  How cute.

As much as I would love to give you all the juicy details of that fun evening, I will have to save it for our call.  Lets just say that little black dress wasn’t black when that whore left.  Her wig, makeup, and dress was in a state of complete distress and she smelled of cum and piss.  What a good little fag boy!

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