Lactation Lover Boy: He Loves My Perky, Full, Milky Titties

Lactation is so sexy. And when a man wants to suckle upon my breast I let him go at it. And I had absolutely no idea that my newest friend liked milky titties! Things heat up with him and then my nipples started to leak.

My new friend Zak was coming over to see me. So, I got dressed in no panties or bra and just a sundress. I was ready for the fun I was about to have. He shows up and immediately starts to play with me.

I say “Zak, let’s slow it down a little!” He smiles and says okay. We stand and chat about our week and how things are going. He tells me that his dog is a big baby that likes to sleep in his bed and shows me a cute picture of him sleeping next to the dog.

We laugh about random things for a while and talk about anything and nothing all at once. I lean in and put my arms around his neck and start to kiss him. He smiles at me with a big dorky smile. I pull back but he goes in.

First, he starts to kiss my neck and squeeze my ass. I giggle as he spanks me and I grab for his cock. He moans as I stroke it on the outside of his jeans. And I lie back on my couch as he crawls between my legs.

He eats my little pussy from top to bottom. Sucking on my clit, licking my ass, tongue fucking my hole as deep as he can, and fingering me. I just lie there and enjoy every second of it. He then speeds it up and makes me cum so fast that I had no idea it was coming.

Zak pulls off my dress and kisses my tummy all over.

He goes all the way up and then starts to kiss all over my tits. I smile and he says “Have you ever tried lactation play?” I look at him and shake my head. He smiles and says “Okay, well, we’re going to try it.”

I have not lactated in a long while and wasn’t sure if I even could. But, it was worth a shot. He starts to knead my tits and suck gently on my nipples. It felt so good with the nipple sucking that I forgot what we were doing.

And out of nowhere, I feel my nipples getting really wet. Zak says “Hell yeah, baby… mmm.” And I look down at him and his mouth is practically swallowing my titty whole. I just watch him and feel him get harder and harder between my legs.

His tongue danced on my nipples for a long while. And I didn’t complain about it at all. My pussy was absolutely drenched and ready for a good fuck. I reach down and start to rub on my clit.

He moans and lets me know he’s really having a good time with my tits. I then start to really get into it and rub his cock on the outside of his jeans with my feet. He unzips and whips it out and I start to massage his cock with my feet.

He loves it so much that I feel his precum all over my soft feet.

Then he grabs me by the thighs and pulls me towards the edge of the couch. I spread my legs as far as I can for him and he keeps sucking on my titties as he slides his very hard throbbing cock into me. I moan as I feel him enter me and I just hold onto him as he starts to thrust.

Lactation had never been this much fun before! I thought the last time was great but this was absolutely amazing. The way he looks when he sucks on my nipples, the feeling of his cock inside of me, and the milk squirting from my titties makes it all perfect. I really need someone to suck my titties dry and he was doing great at it.

And then I feel my pussy start to throb and tighten. I was about to cum and it was a big one. I held onto him and came all over his cock and right as I cum he cums inside of me. We just fall over and laugh because it was amazing.

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