So the Kylie Jenner sex tape dropped in my lap a little while ago. I was browsing on the internet and came across an article that is was out there. I was sitting on the couch at my parents’ house when I looked around to make sure the coast was clear before googling. The only other person that was over was my brother, and we were only there to use the pool. However, since no one was around why not rub one off to a hot celebrity right? So after finding a copy I eagerly pressed play to watch those pretty young plump lips run up Tyga’s long hard throbbing cock.

However, in the excitement, I forgot to look around and my brother approached right behind me. “Is that the Kylie Jenner sex tape?” I jumped watching the hot foreplay unfold.

Kylie Jenner Sex Tape Made Us So Hot My Brother and I Fucked Poolside

Now, some people may find it quite awkward to watch porn with their siblings. However, why not? After all, this is some quality family bonding. He sat down right next to me and the two of us watched as they fucked making Kylie a sloppy cum covered mess from Tyga’s massive cum load.

Then, without saying a word the two of us went back out towards the pool. He sat in one of the poolside chairs and I jumped in going swimming. Slowly we opened up to each other about how hot the Kylie Jenner sex tape was. He confessed to me that he did not even have a girl suck dick like that. I laughed bragging about my hot cock sucking skills. That is all it took too. In no time I was poolside sucking my brother’s throbbing hard cock. We were so turned on we didn’t even care if the neighbors could see. He fucked the shit out of me too. Kylie must have made him REALLY hot I assumed, However, my brother confessed it was the thought of me taking Tyga’s big black cock that turned him on!

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