It was normal Tuesday in Math Class. I was totally bored & decided to ask to help Mr. Brown in his new Community Project. It was basically a bunch of student cleaning up the town. There was going to be different projects inside of projects. So I went to Mr. Brown’s classroom opened the door. To find his pants down behind his desk with his cock in his hand. He was watching the Kylie Jenner Sex Tape. I cleaned my throat & asked him What ya Doing Mr. Brown? He was startled in jumped up. I giggled cause his cock was rock hard just bouncing in the air. LMAO, Mr. Brown looks at me & says Brittany what are you doing in here! Giving a little chuckle I say it looks like interrupting something Mr. Brown. What’s this on the TV Mr. Brown?

Walking towards him I reach down & grab his cock. Looking at me. Mr. Brown tries to remove my hands.

Giving him a smirk I tell him NO NO Mr. Brown this time your gonna listen to me. I caught you red-handed Jacking off to Kylie Jenner Sex Tape under age Porn. Now your my fuck toy or I will tell the PTA! You might as well remove those pants. Now down on your knees worship my feet! As I sit in the chair behind his desk. Mr. Brown complies with no debate. Unbuckling my heels. My Geometry teacher is going to be my little bitch now! Picking up his phone i say Well, Well Mr. Brown what can I find on your phone. Looking through it there’s no surprise to the Age Play Porn he had. He also had been calling a phonesex chat line.

I decided Mr. Pervert needed a lesson. So I used his phone to dial my friend Hadley down to the room. Along while Mr. Brown was licking & sucking my feet. Taking in each of my toes into his mouth. Sliding his tongue up and down my feet licking every inch. While on his knees. Cock hard pulsing as he did it. You could tell Mr. Brown craved to be a Bitch! I always knew he would make a good Bitch boy. I just had to wait for the right opportunity to make him mine!

When Hadley walked in

The minute Hadley walked in she started to laugh. Saying Well Brittany you finally made Mr. Brown the little Bitch you said he needed to be. Are we gonna have some fun with him? Kicking him between the legs. Shoving his balls straight up his ball shack. Calling him a stupid bitch boy! Laughing I tell him not to stop sucking. As Hadley strips off her shirt n skirt. Saying, Brittany, why are you still dressed? Kicking my foot out of Mr. Bitch Boys mouth I stand up & slip off my clothes. As Mr. Brown Falls back on the floor.

Bitch Boy

Hadley grabbing Mr. Brown by the hair telling him to get up & lick Brittany’s ass. I lay across the desk as he starts licking. Hadley telling him you lick that Bitch boy? Why is your cock getting hard again? I thought I clearly showed you where those balls belong. Taking the round pencil holder shoving it up his ass.  Don’t stop licking her Ass Bitch! Shoving his head back into my ass. Mr. Brown was becoming Hadley’s Anal Sex Slut! It delivers him right. He was a strict teacher always flunking everyone. Guess Who would be getting straight A’s now. That’s right The Bitch that was coming on his face & the Bitch stretching his ass! It’s exactly what Mr.Brown needed.

Using Mr. Brown

The whole school year Hadley & I used Mr. Brown. We invited different friends in over & over. Girl’s, Guy’s & even other teachers. Mr. Brown became the bitch boy of the school. Most school’s had a Mascot we had a Bitch Boy. Mr. Brown was being used as a toilet, as a cum dumpster, & a nasty servant. He knew if he didn’t comply he would lose his job! It was a great year for Hadley & I we ruled the school all because of our Bitch Boy Mr. Brown! Everyone wanted to use our Bitch for one thing or another.