Roxy Gets Knocked Up By The Young Next Door Neighbor That She’s Seduced Before.

Knocked up, yep that just happened. The doctor confirmed it yesterday.  I can’t say that I’m surprised by it since the teasing has gone overboard from me lately.  That young son of my next door neighbor is such a sweet little treat. Leading him to lose his virginity was so easy. But in doing so, it turned him into a sex-crazed teen.

His window is directly across from mine. Therefore, its the perfect place for me tease and him to jack off while I do it. For weeks now he’d been texting me, begging for a quickie in the backyard or up on the balcony. Refusing him only lead to the knocking up of Roxy, and him feeling like the conqueror.

Unbeknownst to me, my soon to be baby daddy had stolen my keys and made a copy of it.  He sneaked into my room early one morning after my husband had left for work. Still groggy from a long night of phone sex the night before, I never heard a sound.

The next thing I knew my mouth was being covered by duct tape and my hands handcuffed to my headboard.

Attempting to wake, I looked up to see him smirking down at me. Hands ripping at my panties as I tried to escape. ‘You’ve teased me for weeks, Roxy!  You’ve pushed me to this!’, he whispered in my ear as his hands gripped my sheer panties. Ripping them away, I could feel the pulsating head of his cock start to penetrate my pussy.

‘I’ve been keeping track of you Roxy, and I know it’s the perfect time to knock you up’, as he started to fuck me harder. It was all a blur to me, but he got it all on video. Ready to use it as blackmail against me.

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