Knock Knock! Can Mommy CUM in?

My husband just left on a three-day fishing trip with his pals. That means my stepson and I will be at home alone together for three whole days. I don’t know if I will be able to control myself. My stepson, Johnny, has grown into such a handsome and sexy teenager. I find myself fantasizing about fucking him even when my husband is laying right next to me. I picture myself standing in front of his bedroom door. Knock Knock! Can Mommy CUM in?

I wonder if he feels the same about me. I do catch him staring at me. It feels like he is looking straight through my clothes and imagining me naked.  I find myself looking at him the same way. He has been playing sports and I have watched his body develop into a strong, tight, muscular sexy body. My husband doesn’t work out anymore and has gotten flabby. He rarely touches me because he’s always tired from working so much. I should be grateful that he is such a good provider but I want more. I want to be touched and held and kissed and licked and FUCKED.

Naturally, I look to the sexiest man in the house to fulfill my needs.

I can’t help it if my stepson, Johnny, is sexier than his dad. The house is quiet except for the music I hear coming out of Johnny’s room. I’m wearing the sexy blouse that he likes. I’m so nervous to cross this line with him but I just can’t help myself. I stand by his door and unbutton my blouse so that my cleavage is in full view. I can hear music but I also hear moaning. Hmmm? Is Johnny watching porn? That got me so turned on that my panties got moist. So I slid my hand down my panties and fingered my clit and smeared my sticky pussy juice across my tits.

I want him to smell the sex when I walk in the room. I tap on the door lightly. “Johnny, it’s Momma Genie. Can I cum in?” He says, “Yes Mommy”. When I open the door he’s laying there with his cock in his hands and the biggest hard-on I’ve ever seen. I know for the next three days I will be the naughtiest mommy on the block.

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