For me, knife play is about the art of mind fuck.

I prefer knife play without actually making incisions in my real sex life, but during our no limits phone sex call I can get as dark (and cut as deep) as you want. How kinky, how extreme do you want to get? No taboos phone sex is a safe way to explore your darkest knife play fantasies.

Having your life in my hands turns me on. I’ve written before about my penchant for breath play, erotic choking. Using knives in the bedroom holds a similar sexual thrill for me, as does most “fear play.” What are you afraid of? I’ll find out when I press the blade of my knife to your throat.

I like using knife play in sensual domination phone sex. My glittery knife is an extra toy that ups the erotic ante, even if we both know I’m not going to use or even unsheath it. Do you feel your cock throbbing as I hold your neck in my lap and show it to you?

After I’ve shown you the knife, I’ll blindfold you. Will I make you beg for me to ride your cock as I press it to your exposed neck again? Maybe I’ll just tease you, grazing it without cutting you along your tense body while telling you to relax. There’s no end to the fun we can have . . . that I can have with you, really.

Is your knife play fantasy more intense? Does Mistress sharpen her knives before cumming over? I can do that for you. Let’s role play the darkest, most perverted snuff phone sex call your sick mind can dream up.

I’m ready to go there with you . . and so are my knives. See how sharp they are tonight?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke