Being a pretty blonde who looks like your girl next door type, people tend to think I’m not into kinky things. But, once they get me alone they find out that I am much more. BDSM, biting, choking, spanking, knife play, vampire fantasies.. And so much more. I am no longer that cheerleader who looked sweet and innocent. My tastes are far darker and I will leave my mark on you… Physically. Hehe!


I love sex. Oh yes. The feel of a man on top of me or under me gets me going. His smell, his arms, and his hard dick inside of one of my holes. So fucking hot! But sometimes I need a little more. Some spanking is a sharp little pain but it’s never enough. Getting tied up is good and fun but it’s never dangerous enough. I want you to grab a sharp pocket knife and press the cold blade against my skin. Slide it over every inch of my body. The cold steel on my warm flesh makes me shiver and gives me goosebumps. I love the look on your face as you begin to cut. It’s so dark yet sensual and sexy. You smile as I begin to bleed and you lick your lips as the blood drips down my naked body. You want a taste… I know you do.

You bring your mouth closer to my skin. You can smell my perfume and the iron in my blood. I think to myself and I watch you get closer and closer,  “Please taste me. Please lick it from top to bottom back up. Taste my blood you make me feel like you want me.” I writhe as I feel your breath against my skin. I moan your smile, your lips meet my flesh. You begin to kiss around my open cut. You begin to lick around it and finally over it. I moan as I feel you licking my blood off of my skin. You suck slightly, come up to my mouth, and give me the biggest kiss with your mouth filled with me. I feel your hard dick on my side as you slowly hump me. I put you between my legs and unfasten your pants. I’m so wet for you I need you. I whisper to you “Please fuck me now!”

You happily oblige. You smile and let me pull up your shirt and your pants. I grab ahold of your cock stick it up against my wet pussy and slide you inside of me. You grab the knife begins sliding it on my chest gives me a little cut under my breast start fucking me. Yes, this is exactly what I wanted, this is exactly what I needed, this is exactly what you want. You lick the open cut and fuck me harder, then harder and I cum all over your cock. You’ve made me the happiest girl in the world and I can’t wait for you to do it again.


Phone Sex