I had no idea I had a spanking fetish until I got punished!

I never knew I had such a major spanking fetish until today. Getting caught cheating on my English exam was so embarrassing. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal for a normal public school. Being a student at a Catholic school, it’s a whole other story. At first, I thought I had gotten away with it, but just as I was walking out the door I felt his tap on my shoulder.

Trying to act nonchalant, I slowly turned around with a big smile on my face. When I saw the stern look on his face, my smile quickly faded. Once all of the other students had left, he shut and locked the door. That’s when he confronted me about cheating on the exam. I tried to lie my way out of it, but he clearly wasn’t buying my innocent schoolgirl act at all!

Unless I wanted him to call my parents, and get expelled I was going to have to do what he said.

He told me to walk over to his big wooden desk and unzip my plaid skirt. It fell down to my ankles and he told me to strip my white cotton panties off too. I didn’t know what he was planning until he told me to bend over his desk. My bare ass was up in the air and at first, I thought he wanted to fuck my tight teen pussy.

He had other plans for me though. Picking up a big wooden ruler, he started smacking it against the palm of his hand as he walked closer.  His deep voice whispered in my ear that I was a bad girl and I had to be punished! The ruler cut through the air and smacked against my naked ass. Letting out a squeal, he told me to hush or it would be much worse.

As the ruler came down, again and again, I started to realize I liked it! The sting of it biting into my flesh made my pussy tingle. That’s when I realized that I had a spanking fetish. Without even realizing what I was doing, I started moaning and grinding against the desk. It turned me on so much, that my little pink nipples started to stiffen and I even had an orgasm while he was spanking me. I just might have to get in trouble more often, if this is going to be my punishment!

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