Let Kitty Show You the Edge

I think one of the most common questions guys ask when they are trying to find out if I’m the girl that is right for them is what am I into.  Well, my all time favorite has to be Guided Masturbation with edge play.

I like when a guy has the time and the privacy to really get into his masturbation.  Masturbating shouldn’t be something you are trying to get over with fast. it should be something you are really enjoying and taking the time to see what really turns you on and makes your toes curl.  It should be the time you are being 100% true to yourself and open to trying new things without the fear of your partner’s judgment.

Now, this is where I come in.  Being the professional, I have the ability to show you little tips and tricks you may have never thought of before.  Maybe you thought of it but just needed some encouragement to really give it a try.  Whatever might strike your fancy at the moment, I am a judgment-free zone to explore and discover your true kinks.

Another thing I like to do is stamina training which kind of goes hand in hand with edge play.

 I have a lot of guys who were embarrassed that they cum so quickly.  Needing to slow things down and give yourself a second to control your load will not only benefit your partner, but you would seriously be surprised how much harder you will cum.   With proper edging,  you might just have a hard time rolling your eyes back from the back of your head lol.

So get your supplies together. Carve out some alone time in your busy schedule.  Hell, even borrow that wife or girlfriends toys if you are feeling really adventurous.   This isn’t your average masturbation session.  This is something that will blow your mind and have you shooting cum across the fucking room!  Don’t be shy, give me a call!

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