Some of you guys already know I have a thing for turkey basters, but most of you don’t know how it started.  Turkey day seems like just the right time to share.

A few years ago, I was at a party, feeling a little tipsy (translate to horny), and I made my way into the kitchen for a fresh drink.  What I ended up getting was a hot fuck with a rubber kitchen spatula.  This hot stud put me up on the kitchen counter, spread my legs, and just when I thought his fat dick was going to pound me, he grabbed the rubber spatula.  This nasty fucker, licked it, front and back, and stuffed it inside of my horny pussy.  God DAMN it was hot!  He got it in me deep and spun it around inside of me.  It was like nothing I had ever felt before.

The whole time he was jerking his dick in his hand.  As he was going harder and deeper in me, and I was dripping on the counter, he just shot his load onto the counter.  I was immediately disappointed.  I love cum! The idea that it was on the counter and not in or on me was a mood kill, until…

He grabbed the mother fucking turkey baster and sucked his jizz up into it.  My eyes got wide and I was back in the game. Getting fucked and dripping as if I never stopped.  He teased my mouth with drops from the baster, watching me reach and arch for the cum drops to hit my tongue.  And then…the real magic happened.  He pulled out the spatula, stuffed in the baster and shot that jizz into my cunt.

MOTHER FUUUUUCKER – I came on a turkey baster.  I did.  I really did.

When he squeezed it in, he pumped the rubber end of the baster one time, and I could feel the splat in my pussy walls.

So you know I am always breaking out the turkey baster this time of year.  Some of you lucky fellows also know another nasty turkey baster trick I have up my sleeve.  One that is a free tip from me to you, with your paid call, if you are into that type of kink.  If your mind is racing, and I know it is, you have to slow it down and wait for after my family feast for me to get online to share it with you.  If you don’t have a baster, I strongly suggest that you get out and get one.  Might want to pick up a bottle of non perfume lotion or hair conditioner as well.  Have it ready when you call, and I will get you set up!   For now…Happy Thanksgiving to all the nasty fuckers, horny sluts, and curious cats surfing the web today!  My the kink be with you!

Call Kitty Xoxo