Kissing The Naughty Playmate Under The Mistletoe

I just love this time of year! The hustle and bustle, the holiday music, the decorations, and the men who stay at home while their wives are off shopping are my favorite thing of all.  I have to admit I’m quite the tease. My sultry voice and naughty ways drive all the men, young and old over the edge and cumming back for more.  My ‘hot box’ was open with some special Christmas cheer that one special guy couldn’t pass up. The thought of having Roxy as his naughty Christmas eve playmate was something he just couldn’t pass up.  I left him a note on the front door about where to find his naughty snow angel inside. And with a light knock and a twist of the door knob, my secret Santa came to fulfill all my kinky fantasies.


I was dressed in my new sexy red bra and panties I had picked up at VS. My hair was in loose curls and sexy high heels were on my feet. I was ready for him to put his candy stick in any place he wanted.  I sat on the lounge chair next to the Christmas tree waiting for him to make his appearance and work his naughty playmate Roxy over.  As I heard him walk down the hall, I grabbed the mistletoe, opened my legs, and held it right above my pretty red panties.  I don’t know if it was the heat from the fireplace making me so hot, or the thought I’d seduced my married neighbor into coming over for some sensual erotic fun.

He came to me quickly and grabbed me around the waist and pulled me in tight.

The abruptness of it made me catch my breath.  But when he grabbed a fist full of my hair and jerked my head back to place kisses on my neck. Those familiar twinges and tingling deep inside set me on fire. The playmate who’s usually in charge was treading on the less familiar ground becoming the submissive student.  He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around.  I felt his hands run down the length of my arms, around to my bare stomach, and then up to grasp my breasts.  And as he whispered in my ear, ‘are you ready playmate?’, he slide a blindfold over my eyes.  His next gentle touch around my waist sent shivers up my spine. His lips kissed the small of my back, and then I felt it.  The mistletoe …………..

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke