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Being raised in a big Mexican family has its advantages. I had tons of kissing cousins who I was close with, but none I was closer more than Samantha. Sam was a few years older than me. I spent whole summers with her doing whatever we want it, mostly because both of her parents worked too much to be home. Her and I spent many days sunbathing at the country club, staying up all night watching tv, and sharing boys. The first boy we shared, was one of her many summer flings. I don’t quite remember his name but he was a very handsome guy, older than her, which in terms meant much older than me. I still remember the first couple of times he came over while we were alone. The three of us would watch movies, many times porn movies and just eat junk food all night. Obviously he would get turned on, but it was always Sam who handled it, till she finally invited me to join.

One night while watching some lesbian porn, which we had picked to entice him, she innocently said she had never kissed another girl. I knew she was lying because her and I had done way more than that while taking showers. It was all a show for him to ask us to kiss, and he fell for it. We first acted like we didn’t want to but quickly agreed. He was laying on his back while Sam and I sat across from one another with his legs in between us. We gently kissing, starting off very simple and then moving on to very passionately making out. While we did it, we groped each others perky tits, and pinched our nipples. Before I knew it I was soaking wet, and I knew she was too. We turned to look at Sam’s boyfriend and he had a huge boner. Sam straddled him, and grinned on his lap while kissing him now. I came closer and laid next to him. I grabbed his big hands and slipped them under my panties. He began to play with my swollen clit while he enjoyed Sam’s lips. Soon the three of us were naked, and things only got more interesting.

Sam’s boyfriend laid us by the edge of the bed and kneeled in front of both of us. He kissed our thighs, and slowly started tasting us. He would go back and forth from out tight teen pussies, slipping his tongue deep in one while car

essing the other one. That night it was all about us, and he let us know. He stood up after a while, and started playing with his cock while we were making out again. He got close to Sam and tease her with the tip of his cock. Playing with her clit and then suddenly slipping inside her. He started pumping in and out. While he did, while he fucked my cousin I started pinching her nipples, and kissing her some more. Once I started doing that, Sam did the same, and her boyfriend took his middle finger and penetrated my wet pussy. He was in sync. Pounding her and he fingered fucked me. I was ready to cum and when she said she was too, I let go. We came together. Sam on his cock, and I on his finger.

After we came, my cousin Sam and I got on our knees and took a big load to our faces. Swallowing every last bit of it. That was one of the many times her and I would share a big cock.

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