Kissing Cousin Sex Stories

The cousin sex stories strike again! I’m sure you remember my cousin Sam, don’t you? If you don’t, her and I used to be really close and this hot Texas summer has me remember all the naughty things we did. One occasion that stands out the most was the time she and I gave a really nice sloppy blowjob to her neighbor. He didn’t expect but believe me, he was not complaining at all.

Summers are scorching hot where I grew up. Our outfits were always short blue jean shorts and tanks. My cousins neighbor loved to watch us through his big window. He would watch us come and go, guys in and out too. I bet he knew what we were doing because since Sam and I were always alone we weren’t exactly trying to hide out hookups. One day she and I decided to mess with and went over his place to ask him for some butter.

When he opened the door he was surprised to see us there, and he was trying to avoid at all costs to let us in. We didn’t care though, we stormed in and stayed there longer than we had planned. Sam told him that she knew he would always stare at us and that must of meant he wanted us. He nervously denied it and that’s when thing got steamy. Sam started grabbing his crotch, he was already rock hard. I pulled it out and the both us started sucking on his balls. He kept trying to tell us to stop but it was too late.

“Do you want to cum on my cousin or me?”

Sam said. As soon as he realized her and I were cousins his throbbing cock exploded and I took his load in my mouth. I kissed Sam and shared his hot creamy cum.

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