Are you an Ass lover?  I don’t mean you just like to see a girl with a nice round ass, and you say to yourself “nice ass”. Are you an Ass Worshiper?  Well in order to be a true ass worshiper you have to know what I mean.  Ass worship, clearly, in worship of the female ass. This practice is usually done when the male buries his face into my luscious ass, enjoying my ass cheeks pressing against his face, smelling me, and finally tasting me.

So, ask yourself, Are you ready to worship this ass? As I bend over, believe me when I say, I get why you can’t get enough of this view. I truly have an ass that deserves to be worshiped. I want you begging for it, I love when you beg to worship me. Getting onto your hands and knees, crawling over to me begging me to, touch, taste and smell my ass. You desire just to get close enough to touch and kiss each ass cheek.

I allow you start tracing your tongue along my hips then your lips kiss my perfectly round ass.  I know you will focus on all the naughty parts of me to keep a smile on my face, but the excitement that my sexy cakes bring to you is priceless.  Your balls get heavier with each lap and lick. I decided to delights myself.  I take my seat on your face. That’s right, sitting on your face smothering you with my luscious buns.  You’ll worship this ass like instructed and you will love it.

You’ll be longing have your tongue buried in my tight ass before you know it. Want to do some Ass Licking? Ass Sniffing?  Ass Fucking?  You know where to find it. So if you are looking for the hottest Ass Worship Phone Sex cum  kiss my ass!