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Just a Kiss Goodnight Little one


Getting dressed for work earlier that day she’d laddered her last pair of tights and was already running late. Hell, she was going to have to resort to stockings and suspenders for the night – oh well, it would help her confidence for the night if she could get past the self-conscious feeling. Slipping on the glossy, lace tops and sliding on her black court shoes, she felt sexy, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. The two men strolled in like clockwork. “Good evening little one”

Abby enjoyed serving them. They were always polite, even after a long week. Hopping up on the bar stools, their suit jackets off, sleeves rolled top button undone. Never quite sure if they were just great friends through work, out of work or even a couple, she’d never quite worked it out. Mark and Steve, she’s caught their names enough over time but had never needed to actually use them. It wasn’t her place, her place was to serve them and keep them happy.

The night grew darker and darker something stirred in these men

Round three of gin and tonics and something about Mark seemed different tonight, there was a twinkle in his blue eyes like mischief was on his mind. Abby caught him looking her legs up and down in the mirror behind the bar as she poured the gin over the ice. Just lads being lads she thought but the crooked smile on his lips as he took the drink from her made her breath hitch.  “Thank you little one” He whispered to her

She hoped the clips of her suspended belt weren’t painfully obvious.

The evening drew on, the drinks kept flowing as the bar got busier, nothing unusual for a Friday night. Thoughts of that earlier moment escaped Abby’s busy mind as she fell into her natural rhythm behind the bar.

The bar ebbed and flowed through the night until…

Midnight came round before she knew it, the bar was closed and clear up was happening, nipping to the toilets the catch a breather she enjoyed those few moments of peace before having to boot the merry ones out the door towards the cabs. As she wiped under her eyes and pulled her hair out to give it a ruffle, the door opened. Not taking the slightest bit of notice until she realized stood behind her was Mark, that glimmer in his eyes and crooked smile looking at her… “what are you doing here, this is the ladies”

“We’ve come to say goodnight little one,” he said, and her eyes fell on Steve joining him.

Steve reached around and unbuckled Mark’s trousers, revealing his growing cock. Mark slid his hands under her skirt, feeling her suspenders, pulling them back and letting them ping back against her skin. “Shit,” she thought, how could he tell, she told no one about her love of pain.

This horny slut was ready ever since he first whispered little one…


His hand slipped between her legs, still completely speechless, her eyes darting between them in the mirror. Her legs almost buckled underneath her as his cool fingers slid around her damp panties and between her lips. His smug smirk grew on his face as did his cock against her arse.

In a heartbeat, Mark spun her around, lifted her pencil skirt to her waist, and lifted her up on the counter. All the while Steve watching quietly. Pushing her legs apart, her panties to one side he pushed his throbbing cock deep inside her, unforgiving, and determined. Fingers and nails digging in her ass. Abby couldn’t help herself, closed her eyes, let her head fall back, feeling him thrust into her.

Feeling hands on her feet, she opened her eyes confused. She saw Steve had moved, directly behind Mark, the rhythm changed, she realized he had come to join them, pushing into Mark, his concentration lapsing for a moment, his eyes full of pleasure, his cock throbbing in her wet pussy and his arse filled by Steve at the same time. As the two men found their rhythm it moved to her, both of them pounding into her, Marks hands still holding her arse tight, Steve’s hands lifted her feet to Mark’s shoulders.

Two men stretching her wet cunt was all Abby desired

This small movement changed the feeling for all of them, tighter, more intense. Abby felt that tingle, hell she should not be enjoying this as much as she was.  How had they known, how had they tapped into that part of her. Climbing higher and higher, she felt a strange sensation, suddenly realizing they both had a mouth around her toes each. Sucking and licking through her stockinged feet. Her mind raced, she tried to concentrate on what they were doing but she could feel herself growing and growing right on the tipping point. Then in a moment, the thrusts changed, harder and faster.

Shit she let go, her orgasm taking over, she felt teeth bite into her toes, not painfully but enough to enhance that moment, as they came Steve into Mark and Mark into her, she couldn’t catch her breath.

And just like that, they were done with her needy pussy

Stepping back they both straighten up their clothes. Mark lifted her down gently off the side. He straightened up her skirt for her but leaving his cum dripping down her legs to her lace tops. Steve knelt, lifting her feet and putting her shoes gently back on her feet. Just like they were a glass slipper on Cinderella.

Kissing a cheek each, they smiled softly at her, Mark whispered in her ear “it’s been a fun little one, well see you next week”

And with that, they walked out into the night. How did they know she thought, how did they find out her daydreams.

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